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"M..mom.. It it's not how you th..think..." She stuttered. She wanted to explain. But she could not get her words out. She felt helpless. After all Ankith had never told her that he loved her or anything and she had never expressed her heart to him either. He was, as they all said, just a stranger whom she knew over phone calls. What proof did she have. She herself was not sure whether Ankith loved her the way she loved him. She looked at her mom who was glaring back at her. But more than the anger in her voice, Diya could feel her mom's disappointment. That's what hurt her the most. Her family trusted her and gave her freedom. Now they feel that she is just an irresponsible young girl who didn't deserve their trust and that she couldn't handle her freedom. Diya couldn't continue what she was trying to tell. She lowered her head and tears rolled down her eyes.. "You will not leave this house alone and won't be allowed to use the phone without anyone around. I don't have anything else to say.." Her mom said and walked out of the room. Diya wanted to run behind her mom.. To talk to her to explain everything... But she couldn't move. She looked at her aunt pleadingly... But her aunt just gave her a disappointed look as same as her mom and went out of the kitchen. And just like that Diya found herself being restricted inside her house. She felt like she was being kept in a Jail. She was not allowed to go out of the house. She was not allowed to use the phone unless her dad or someone was in the room. Her own brother Deepak and her cousin Uday also stopped talking to her. She could not bear with it when her family, whom she loved the most, ignored her like this. Varun was also not allowed to visit her. She felt lonely. She longed to talk to Ankith but couldn't. She didn't even know if Ankith tried to contact her Mobile. And she didn't exactly know how her family came to know about Ankith. Did she forget to delete any messages. No none of her messages had anything regarding her feelings. Did any of her college friends send any message teasing her with Ankith as they always did and dad happened to read it or something. She tried to find out how she fell into this mess. She couldn't ask anyone. Not even Sunitha Aunty. Even she was not talking to her properly. She was so upset. For the first time she felt lonely in her own home. The place that she loved the most to be in felt like a cage to Diya.

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