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Phil walks into the room where he works at with a big smile on his face witch nothing in the world can break. His colleagues saw him with a smile for the first time and stared at him surprised with weirded out expressions. John comes to him and asks about it as he replays with a soft and happy voice saying how last night was the best time of his life and how he hung out with Clara, as he was speaking of his girlfriend, their boss comes in and asks everyone back to their seats and tells off Phil to go to his cubical. Phil replays to his boss with a smile accepting the fact he did wrong and moves on. After the job was done for today, Phil walks the hallways to leave but something makes him stop his grounds entirely. John has been spotted going in the women's bathroom, so Phil thought of following him to see what's going on as he felt suspicions of this. John would never do such a delinquent thing, so what drove him in to do so? The more Phil came closer to the bathrooms the wost it got until he reached in and peaked seeing the bathrooms empty, he walked in slowly reaching the occupied stall and entered one of the opened ones close by. Phil stood on the toilet seat and tried to see what's going on, into a shocking matter he realizes that John is cheating on his wife with a co-worker! He decided to leave as this scene in mind didn't make him feel right in his bones. While leaving, he thought of the future double date and how awkward will it be to him sitting there with a man that cheated on his wife and how she will never know about it, thinking to not make a scene of it and driving his only friend away.

Three weeks pass again with no known fact of what's happening to Clara. Even if he tries calling her, no one answers, He started thinking if she thinks of him as just a fun person to hang out with like a toy to move around with or just a random guy that she thinks nothing better of but just to cheer him up because of petty reasons. He kept on denying that these ideas are true but they were making him scratch his head on it a bit too much. So it got worse when he started thinking of 'What if she only wants a baby from him because her husband cannot have kids?'

or 'what if she died and he didn't know', the same way he knew about his parents. All these dark thoughts were dancing in his head like puppets on strings rolled by his insanity.

Until he calls her one random day where she responds like the last time, saying how she misses him and how work takes her full time. Although this time, Phil was a bit aggravated about it and tells her how it's been nearly a month they haven't spoken to each other nor met yet. As she ended the call after they chatted up a bit, he felt better but still had bitter taste lingering in his mouth.

After days go by, Sunday comes back again to show a new face of the sun. Clara visits Phil but rather than seeing a welcoming face as she expected, Phil had a face strapped with anger. She asked him if he's alright as he responded with an irritated voice, it sounded like sandpaper being grinded together with stone. He asked why she's been away for so long, filled with suspicious paranoid thoughts in his mind, even if she explained why he didn't feel like he could trust her anymore.

She got angry at him and told him that she can't be with him at all times as she had her own rights to live her life freely but that didn't stop him telling her off about it.

Phil started yelling about how bad he felt when she was away, as it provoked her with yelling back at him.

That was the first fight they ever had and they both felt strong hatred to each other. Clara walked out angrily without a goodbye in her mind and Phil slammed the door going to his couch and sitting alone with his own thoughts.

He felt horrible of what happened today and wished that it turned out better.

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