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amaliaverdezoto > The psychological Love > 1 A Normal day at the office
Phil was a 24-year-old man that has been focused on success all his life. He had high scores on his tests, was one of the fittest kids in class but there was only one more thing that he was missing yet cared not to think of. When he grew up old enough to work, he started his financial career around the age of 18 for free so he can learn the skills of his work, it became official at the age of 20 gaining him good money to buy himself a house to live in, leaving his parents alone.

Today Phil was ready for a raise at his office work so he walked joyfully on the street excited for his success. Even though he was in the city of New York, he could hear the sounds of birds and the cold breeze caressing his skin and the smell of nature's aura. As he walked under the door of his boss's office his grin disappeared the same way he gained it, his boss told him that he can not have a raise yet, because of low money income in the foundation. Phil knew this would happen deep down but didn't want to believe it, so he just walked back at his cubicle, turning on the computer, reading up the papers and utilities as another typical day goes by.

Phil doesn't really have any friends nor he can go out and hang out with people to meet but he did have only one friend that worked in the same room with him. His co-worker John always made him coffee and sat down with him on their short breaks, chatting away about things that interest them.

Later on, Phil got yelled at for doing a bad job and left home later at night.

The next morning was Sunday, so Phil did what he always used to do. Sleep in all day or sit down on the couch eating junk food while watching the television surfing random channels to entertain himself. The cycle continued and Phil carried on doing the same things over and over again like always.

On a Friday, His friend John asked him out to hang around at a coffee shop close by to release stress

from all the work. So they did, on a random Sunday John and Phil left the comfort of their homes and met each other at the café shop. As they sat down and ordered their drinks, before even starting up a conversation, Phil saw behind John the most beautiful woman he has ever seen before. She wore a black dress with different designs glittering in the sunlight, she was all alone sitting on a bench under a tree reading a book that was big enough to make a loose door steady. Phil has never noticed women before but all of the sudden, there she was taking all the attention, he felt like the world froze for a second until John spoke and asked him about hobbies.

Phil focused back at John and responded by saying that he never had hobbies as he never had time for them. John is a married man with a wife and 2 kids, so why would a happy man like that be hanging out with someone so depressing? He asked him, but John just laughed and said that it just happens.

As Phil looks back behind John, the woman is gone so he just continues by saying "John, you're so happy with a woman and I never thought of getting married, so how am I suppose to get women to like me?" John told him that the best way to a woman's heart is money but then denied it as a joke and said that it's important to show compassion and personal thoughts around them, then asked him "Why are you asking me this all of the sudden? I thought you didn't care for love, calling it all bullshit" Phil replayed by saying that he saw a woman just behind him a minute ago but she left and has described her with immense beauty. John was a bit surprised and told him that it must be his first love at first sight. Phil looked at his left to see that the woman was still there, she was at the bar waiting for her order though Phil was too shy to speak to her and she left again for sure this time.

John told him to not think about it too much and left the seat saying his goodbyes, Phil was sitting still thinking of what happened and hoped that next Sunday he might see that woman again.

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