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amaliaverdezoto > The psychological Love > 2 The First Meeting
After days gone by at work, Sunday has finally come and Phil was ready to see that woman again. He left his home bringing some extra money in his wallet reaching the Café with nervousness written all over him. He found the same woman wearing a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans sitting on the same bench under the tree, probably continuing the book she was reading the last time she was there.

Phil fixed up his tie and managed his clothes walking to her getting closer as his heart beating faster while the seconds ticked inside his mind on every step he took.

When he reached her, he spoke a sentence that surely would ruin the first greeting "Hello miss, I've seen you from afar reading this book alone and I thought if you'd like to talk about it while drinking some coffee together" As he was saying his words sweating profusely, she giggled a bit and accepted his offer, adding a bookmark and closing it while walking towards the café. Phil was dumbfounded when she accepted as he thought she would deny him rudely. All thoughts have left him and followed her. They both sat down and she said the first words "My name's Clara, what about yours strange man?"

He felt like his throat was cluttered but he eventually said his name and they stroked a conversation that lasted for an hour. In between, she asked him what he does in life and he just reverted the questions back to here after his answer. Turns out she's a fashion designer and loves to create wedding dresses. Before the end of the date, he asked her if she'll go out with him again next Sunday to the park and she accepted joyfully. Phil was so happy and filled with euphoria while skipping like a child back to his house.

The next day, he met with his co-worker John at the same area they always hang out at on their breaks. Phil told him about his date yesterday and how excited he is that he may be getting his first girlfriend ever. John was happy for him but for some reason, his eyes were giving out a different story, so he spoke with a congratulated voice and told him that if he'd like, they can have a double date with both of them and his wife. "It would be great to go on a double date, imagine how fun that would be. I was having a hard time with my wife for a while now but this would bring back life in our relationship" Phil was finally feeling happy after so many years of work and fake success that he forgot that life is not all about working but it's about love and more. So they accepted on meeting each other someday on a double date.

The next Sunday, Phil met up with Clara at the Central Park thinking that the area will be filled with people and laughing children, but they were lucky that it was a special day were everyone was somewhere else. They walked around the park chatting away about their own lives and dreams that they wanted to accomplish, Phil brang with him a nice sheet and a big basket filled with food expecting a picnic. They placed the sheet on the grassy floor and placed the food that was ready to be eaten as they sat down ready to stuff their faces in.

The next date as a next Sunday came by, they were at the beach watching the sunset as the blue-white sky turned into a beautiful canvas painting of the orange and magenta colors that were pouring in the sky of the golden hours like a river from heaven flooding it with beauty. She took a picture of the landscape and gave him the photo for him to hang on the wall with a frame as a reminder of the date.

A third date came by and they watched a romantic movie and another one where they go to a restaurant. At the Date, they were both sitting down ready to order but all of the sudden, Clara felt she had to go to the restroom. When the waiter came with the menu. Phil ordered 2 plates of the same thing, 30 minutes pass and the waiter gives out the food of plates to Phil.

Phil just moves one of the plates to her seat and waited for her to come back. After an hour of waiting he gets frustrated and c

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