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In a dark grey brick tunnel was a sludge of green silently moving down the level, whenever something reared its ugly head a sound akin to a deathly screech was heard as a blinding glint reaped the lives of all those who stepped up to the sludge. Trudging its way through it defeated and feasted on everything that crossed its path, alive or dead. Finally, after what seemed like days the sludge made its way to a huge throne room. Leading up the throne at the center of the room was a row of brittle skeleton knights kneeling as if paying devotion to their king. On the throne sat a skeleton in a tattered black robe and a once magnificent broken crown.

"Rose can you show me my rewards from the dead bird again?"

Without giving a response Rose pulled up what he asked

Eagles screech (3)- Releases a screech with has a chance to stun foes and cause bleeding of the ears.

Shapeshift (Wings)- Allows the user to grow wings on the body and support flight.

"Thanks, rose" Yang said to Rose as he sludged his way through the giant doors seemingly unafraid of the rows of knights in front of him. As he made his way further inside the giant doors slowly shut with a loud bang, the motionless grey skeletons shook to life and the fire burst through the king's eyes as he stared at the intruder.

"Rise and rid this bug from my sight" The skeleton king loudly declared, the skeletons turned to attention, raising their chipped spears they banged it on the floor in unison.

Yang stared at the show of might with a little shock as he did not expect the soldier to be so orderly, they marched toward him, the short distance being covered in just a few seconds. Yang's body shook slightly as the deathly screech was released and almost immediately the small embers within the eyes of the skeletons shook violently almost dying out completely. In that moment that they all became stunned Yang transformed into his wolf form and swiped at the skulls of the skeletons. Light bangs were heard as the brittle grey bones collapsed to dust from the violent swipe of Yang's claws.

The once orderly troops were instantly thrown into chaos as more than half of the skeletons were wiped out and the other was just starting to recover. Not letting up the small wolf dashed between the grey bodies, swiping left and right almost wildly, every swipe either take the life or limb of a once great knight. The king sat upon his throne watching the pup take down his troops, his burning flame moved out of his sockets as if to express his rage at this blasphemy. A few moments passed and the troops were cut down to less than 5, their dull embers burned once again. Picking up their dropped weapons they moved haphazardly through the dust and bones of their former allies and came upon the small pup finishing off another knight. They swung and stabbed their spears toward that pup, but he skillfully changed from pup to sludge to bypass their attacks and sneak past their guard. Coming in close h

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