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he bashed the of the grey skeleton closes to him with his paw creating a dull thud as it collapsed on the floor. The others unfazed by their fallen comrade kept up with their attacks, but Yang was almost invulnerable to physical attacks, so he ignored them and kept pressing onwards.

Crash after crash was heard and the few remaining skeletons collapsed, and the embers died out completely. The king seeing the last of his soldiers die, got up from his throne and made his way forward, his eyes burned and so did his hands. The flames in his eyes died down a small bit as a raging fireball was released from his hands. Yang caught off guard had his body engulfed in flames; his body lost all form. He tried to hold his normal slime or pup form but was unable to keep his body stable through the pain. The king unleashed fireball after fireball seeing the intruder on the floor unable to defend himself. Yang's body became smaller as the fire burnt through his slime leaving all but some surrounding a black ball within the center of his body.

"Focus, FOCUS" Yang loudly screamed trying to gather his mental energy to attack the skeleton and save his own life. When all hoped seemed lost, when the skeleton stood before him with the biggest fireball he ever conjured held in his hands, Yang loudly yelled one last time gathering everything he can and moved what's left of his body and the green ball rolled to its grey feet before latching on and rapidly devoured the skeleton. The skeleton struggles fiercely but all that waited for it was destruction.

Within the room which used to hold a legion of loyal knights and their king now only held a slime and a once magnificent crown.

Battle over, Level up (5), Evolution ticket, Innate skill (acid devour) Unlocked, Calculating rewards.

Roses voice fell on deaf ear as Yang fell into deep sleep from his injuries, as for how long he will stay asleep and if he will wake up is still a wonder.

"Initiate automatic evolution" Rose spoke with a glint in her eye.

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