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amaliaverdezoto > A slime with a system > 2 The mean system
"What where am I? asked Yang

Blinding light rushed into Yang's view "is this heaven" asked Yang

*Beeeeeeeep* there's that beep again Yang thought when he heard that deafening sound.

"Hey, ugly green glob" a cute voice sounded in Yang's ear " huh, who's that? can you help me please? I dont know where I am and I would be very thankful if you can".

" Shut up, useless master, I dont know why I got such a useless person as my master. Have my previous master's gone insane as to let someone so incompetent to house me". The cute voice said things unsuited to its little girl voice.

"Here, so you don't die so quick, everything in this place could kill you".


Rebirth package used

items obtained: evolution ticket(weak), ability: animal senses, traits: devour up

Animal senses:the ability to have animal like senses, All senses up

devour up: enhances the innate trait of taking a little bit of the things you eat, now small chance to take traits or abilities and stats.

"what, slime, whats happening" asked the terrified Yang

The "system" was about to explain it reluctantly when Yang was pulled deep within his soul where he was given a message that his future self left behind before he died.

:looooooool, I bet you are scared asf. My enemies would die from disbelief if they heard the killing god scared from something so trivial. But, I am not here to make fun of you sadly. My purpose for leaving behind this message was to let you know what is happening, so listen closely.

You see when we were just regular students you seem to have attracted the attention of rather powerful people. These people wanted to kill you because they noticed that we are actually part of an ancient fallen clan that once ruled the word behind the scenes. Shocking right? I would guess so, any way besides the point. The reason why they went after you is because they noticed that you have once in a 1,000,000 years cultivation talent. Shocking again right? lol let me stop. They couldn't just let you live knowing you or one of your future descendants could potentially rise up and reclaim the former status of your clan. Oh I see your mad well you should be, they actually are gonna kill everybody related to you including any past girlfriends( looks at older self) right, no need to worry about any ex's (says to self, I remember we are ugly asf at least before we cultivate). Buuuuuttttttt, back to the point you have 1 year to get strong enough to leave the lesser plain and break through space and sace your family I mean our family. Anyway good luck, this is goodbye".


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