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On a large planet there was a massive dungeon with 100 floors. These floors where made of rarer and rarer materials the higher you went. The materials where so hard that even the best warriors cannot break the floors on the higher levels. Once the floors reached the 70th levels the materials and monsters where unidentifiable. The monster on the 50th floor up had intelligence equal to that of a grown human and on the last floors the monsters intelligence far passed human as the monsters there were all strong old beings with not much to do but challenge their mind.

On the first floor of said dungeon was a green glob of slime. This green glob of slime was trembling with such intensity that its sludge like body seemed to be on the point of breaking.

"I died for such a stupid reason"? Yang asked no body. " If i don't get strong enough to find my way back home in a year everyone I love is gonna die"? Yang continued to question himself in disbelief and anger. The cute voiced system watched as Yang spiraled out of control.

"This will not do". The cute girl took a somewhat solid form as she appeared in front of Yang

"What do you want"? Yang asked flatly, unable to be shocked anymore today. "Pick yourself up and summon the will to fight, You will die if you don't pull yourself together. Dragging me and every one you love back on earth down with you. Do you want your family killed and my innocent self killed"?

The question she asked threw Yang for a loop as he recalled all his mom who would go to hell and back for him. How sad she will be knowing he is dead shot through his mind like lightning.

I will survive no matter what, if mot not me than my mother. Unbreakable resolve bubbled up within his body. This resolve is to survive no matter the cost, to make it home no matter what, to EVOLVE.

---------------------prospective change to Yang

I turned my attention to my soft body. I felt soft yet hard, liquid yet solid. This body is a slime just like in rpg's. What is a slime exactly? Let me see, a slime is a glob of sludge who is extremely weak to magic and almost invulnerable to physical damage. But, this race is the weakest monster in any game they are the first monster people kill to level up. No matter even if its the weakest monster i will survive, I will EVOLVE.

"Little girl what is your name"?

'oh, now wish to ask for my name instead of just ignoring the great me". The little girl asked like she was hurt. " Listen and tremble before my great self. My name is rose the great, I am a system only used by the peak members of each monster race. I will be able to make a useless person like you an almighty god second to none".

"Wow, so scary" I said with as much sarcasm as I could summon.

"Whatever just explain your functions".

"UHHHH fine"

As you are to weak you only have access to 3 functions and will unlock more the stronger you get or if you find things I need to evolve as a system.

The three functions you have access to are inventory, status, and map.

The three functions are pretty self explanatory, the map lets you have a mini map where you can check for enemies or treasures. The map is only 100 meters from you, This might seem big but trust me it is not. The inventory is a place where you can store whatever you want as long as it does not have a will to resist. Last but not least you have stats to see your level, stage, race and exp needed for evolution.


A massive roar sounded nearby which caused Rose to stop her explanation.

Yang looked over and saw

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