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amaliaverdezoto > A slime with a system > 4 A Goblin???!!
A deafening roar shook my sludge like body. "Rose, you my evolution ticket" I yelled before trying to move my body away from the sound which seemed to be coming closer and closer. When something was just about to rear its ugly head a blue screen popped up in from of me with 3 choices. Of the 3, 2 were grayed out and only one flashed with blinding light. Without much thought i clicked it, an agonzing pain rushed through my body, my green glob like stature started to wobble intensely before exploding in a great heap of green.

What stood within the epicenter of that explosion of green like fluid was a small green wolf. This wolf didnt look normal, no it looked unstable as its body rippled and parts of the small wolfs features kept deforming and slipping onto the floor. If someone were to touch it they would see that this wasnt a regular pup, no, this was a slime which shap shifted into one of the most prime forms.

The small wolf shivered even more intensely, its nerwly formed body couldnt take the intense stimulus so it collapsed into a small heap before forming back into a small green slime. An ugly skinny green hand grasped the wall in front of the slimes body and around the corner came a hideous creature, A goblin.

' Ew, whats that smell' Yang thought to himself weakly, after his evolution he was drained mentally, but an intense prutrid smell assulted his nose causing his mind to brighten temporarily and allowed him to gather his thoughts.

"Rose, are you able to tell me the status of the monsters?" Yang asked his system but to his dissapointment she never responded to him. 'Damn how am i gonna make it out of here' Yang thought as rage and fear over took his body. His green carpice collapsed again into a heap of blobs. "Wait, im a slime, and thats a goblin. He doesnt even look like a shaman so he shouldnt know how to use magic", Yang thought aloud.

Gathering his strength and will he formed his small wolf body knowing it enhanced his senses and attack even more.


Yang let out his most basic instincts and let himself lose control and truly take the form and spirit of a wolf. The small wolfs green body became slightly tinted with red showing his rage and brutal instincts.

Lowering its stance the small wolf patiently waited and observed the goblin like a lion observes his prey. The wolfs formed stablised and became solid as it used its power and pounced forward aiming for the neck of the goblin. It let loose a terryfing screech as it flailed in an attempt to deflect its incoming attacker. But, sadly for it the small wolfs body deformed around its hands and then reformed again into a small wolf at its throat. An exclamtion of fear was trying to be let out of its shrivled throat before a wide mouth latched and tore through its throat devoring the escaping sound. Bright eyes flashed between red and green as the small wolf ate the shrivled corpse whole. Finally when the last drop of blood entered its mouth the

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