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"Huh, why am I happy? Why do I not care that I just ate that thing raw? Yang asked himself out loud. "Well, you've unlocked an ability hidden within the bloodline of the shapeshifting slimes" Rose said after hearing his question. "What do you mean Rose?" "Normally I couldn't tell you since you've fully unlocked something, but I don't mind giving you a clue" She said before laughing sweetly. " You see in every monster or demon there lies a dormant power within their genes, this is what makes them who they are and something they can inherit from their ancestors, the purer your bloodline is and the stronger you are the more likely you will unlock these abilities".

Yang mentally asked rose to pull up his status

Yang, Level 1(80), Skills (3), Species: slime (subspecies: Shapeshifter)

"Rose, pull up my skills.

Enhanced senses (1), Shapeshift (1), Mind of the jungle (2)

Before he can ask Rose to explain everything information poured into his mind causing him to momentarily collapse on the ground unmoving and unthinking. The numbers within the () are the level of the skills, the higher the level the more they do and the more proficient he is in using them. His innate skill to devour is not shown as it is a special skill which molded into his soul. When he evolved he stayed in the genus slime but moved from one family to another, he now belongs to a specific family which specializes in shapeshifting into various forms, the higher the level of the skill and the more he can shape into.

The rush of information left him completely defenseless, A figure in the darkness loomed overhead of the defenseless slime silently observing it. It patiently waited and after a few moments of not seeing the slime move it swooped down silently but swift as its wings cut through the air and its beak opened ready to consume the mass of green on the floor. As it neared the mass it let out a loud caw of excitement because of the easy prey but little did it know the slime awoke the second it decided to act against it. What awaited the happy bird is a gleam of white which stroked across its face leaving it stunned and badly injured. A small wolf took form licking its claws of blood it walked slowly over to the bird as an ominous glint flashed through its eyes. The bird let out cries of pain as it tried to struggle upwards and away from the small wolf, but its attempt of escape was fruitless as the wolf stepped on its wings breaking and ripping them into pieces effectively crippling it. The bird's cries became weaker and weaker until the bird could barely move its mouth. The large gash which covered its face and its ripped wings bled profusely leaving it on its dying breath. But before it could die the wolf turned back into a sludge of green and encompassed the bird slowly but surely deconstructing its body and eating everything. For what seemed like forever the glob of green lightly trembled as its acid like insides fizzled the bird out of existence. If one paid close enough attention a hazy light fluctuated within the slime once the bird was fully devoured.

Ding (Level up) Current level (2) Initiate rewards

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