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Months passed by and the British turned the tide of war. The Nazis were getting more aggressive and desperate. On the 7th of September, there was a sudden attack. The German Air Force (The Luftwaffe) started bombing almost everywhere, even at night. London was in a blackout.

Will and his co-workers had to work in the dark for the work was punctuated by the wail of the sirens that indicated they had to run for their designated bomb shelters.


Will heard the ear-splitting explosion. He also felt the rumble of their factory building. After a moment, as the bombing stopped, they went back to their workstations and continued their work.

The next day, Will heard that about 2,000 people were killed or wounded in London's first night of the Blitz. He searched for Edmond. He heard from the others that there was someone who got injured while collecting the metal scraps last night. Will's heart got heavier than ever since the war was at its peak. The father and the son hardly met each other. He knew that Edmond was out with the others to collect metal scraps yesterday. He selfishly wished that the injured person was not his son, and still remembered the conversation that he had with his son before he went out.

"Dad," Will heard his son call from behind. He turned to see his son.

"Eddie," he dropped what he was doing and hugged his son. "Are you doing great? How are you?" he bombarded Eddie with questions.

"I'm doing fine dad." Eddie returned the hug. "I came here to give you the money that I got from work."

Will looked at his son with a face full of pride before he could get out the words to say something, and heard someone hollered, "Edmond it's time!"

The son smiled sadly at his father. "I've got to go now. Wait till I come back. We both can write Daisy a letter to say that we're doing fine and about me having my first paycheck!" he said happily.

"Edmond!" the soldier shouted.

"Coming!" Edmond yelled back.

"I love you dad. See you soon," Will heard his son say as he walked away.

"I love you too. Stay safe," he said knowing that he would not be able to hear it.

Will restlessly waited for the kids to come to the work station. He started to get nervous as he still had not see his son's face.

"Dad!" Will was engulfed by Eddie.

Will turned to look at his son. There was a trail of blood on his forehead but there was no fatal injuries on him. A sigh of relief escaped out of Will's mouth.

"I'm fine dad," Edmond assured his father.

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