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In the sultry afternoon of September, beads of sweat on his forehead dripped down to his chin. Though a few Luftwaffe bombers (German Air force) flew passed the countryside, Will continued digging the ground to let his beloved wife rest in peace. Before putting Nancy down in the grave, he took a last glance at Nancy's lifeless body and put his hands over her womb, closing his eyes for just a moment. In that eternal second, he felt her presence, like the last kiss they had never got a chance to have, and the future memories that he have lost forever. He could not accept the fact that his wife and the baby were really gone. This tragic event weighed down on his mind that he would not get over it, leaving him unhealed. By the time he finished burying his wife, the sun had already set. His eyes emptily drifted to the sky. The rays of the fiery red orb slowly sank beneath the horizon. The beauty of the sunset only deepened Will's pain as he remembered the golden days that he had with Nancy.

"Dad, what are we going to do now?" Daisy asked as she sat down beside him with Edmond already in a deep slumber next to her. "If it's okay, I don't think it would be a good idea to go to the States anymore. I mean I don't want to go to the States… not without mommy."

"It's okay, I understand. Then we'll leave the place by the morning and find a new place to live then."

"Okay, goodnight daddy." Daisy lay beside the grave, "...and mommy." She caressed the burial mound and closed her eyes.

Will stared at his loved ones. Daisy and Edmond were cuddling. He took his coat and put it over them. As much as he wanted to stay beside Nancy, he knew that she would not want him to be this way – feeling guilty as he was not able to save them – and he knew he had to be strong for his children. In the end, he promised himself that he would come back, and went to sleep.

It had been days since Nancy left them, even though they found a place to live, they still had to meet some problems as they did not have any income. Daisy found a job as a nurse and was working at an army base which was a town away. Since the war between the British and the Nazis started, it became difficult for Daisy to go home, but she and her family would occasionally exchange letters. It had been weeks since they last heard from Daisy however.

"Dad, it's been weeks and still, we aren't receiving letters from Daisy," Edmond stated. "Do you think she's okay? I heard that the war is getting worse." Edmond's voice was full of worry.

"Now, now Eddie, your sister is a strong girl. There is even a saying: "No news is good news." I believe that your sister is well," Will assured him.

"I suppose you are right dad, but I just can't help worrying about her. I wish I could do something to help her though," Edmond softly murmured.

"Why don't we go and search for jobs eh?" Will suggested.

"That's a great idea dad!"

As the father and son walked around the town in search for jobs, they c

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