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Today Zoe is very happy. Not only because it's hers brothers birthday but today is the day that she have enough money in her account to pay back all the dept(from gamblers and bank loans) her father left behind before dissapearing three years ago. As she happily enters the company. She sees that the lift door is just about to close so she ran really fast in her high heels.And luckily she reaches inside the lift before it's closing....

She sees the other person is also going to the 6th floor(Head office) when she tries to press the floor button for 6th floor.

The next thing she realizes that the person who is with her in the lift is the CEO of the company{CEO Kim Hyun-(main male lead)}..

Zoe- Goodmorning sir.

CEO-(not looking up from his tab.but still gets to know she's zoe from her voice) Morning.

Zoe thoughts- (Why the CEO of the company is taking a general staff lift today?)🤔.....she is curious by this but still showing a professional smile to the CEO without asking him anything because, well naturally she can't question her boss.

CEO Kim- VIP lift is not working properly that's why i am taking this lift.

Zoe thoughts- (how can this man is always able to read my mind).

CEO thoughts- (This Women is definitely thinking what i am doing here.)

Zoe- Then i will immediatly inform the lift staff about the VIP lift.

CEO- No need.They already know.(no expression)

Zoe thoughts- (Then why did he inform me about it..anyway i can't ask him questions)

----------(lift reaches the 6th floor)------------


CEO- I need all the credit transactions history file of JE company in 2 hours.

Zoe- yes sir(Is he OK in head i atleast have to look 50 different files to find JE transactions as it is the company which we are working with more 50 years all the data was not computerized)

CEO- What about our new project with MS industries?

Secretory Zoe- Everyone is working according to you schedule sir. You have a meeting in 5 hour with with the japanese company which we worked with last month.

CEO- Very well than..

(They entered the office)....

Everyone stands with a slightly head down(respectful manner)

Everyone-Good morning, sir.

(CEO Ignores....and goes directly towards his office)

(Lily comes towards Zoe with a big hug and friendly smile.)

Lily(coworker)- Hi Zoe, can you breath properly or should i ask someone to buy a inhaler for you.😆

Zoe- ?😕.but i don't have asthma.

Lily- I know . but just now you entered with our handsome lucifer(name of the devil and secret nickname of CEO Kim by office staff) you must have stoped breathing after seeing his handsome face early in morning😁😁.

Zoe- No it's just that we met in the lift because VIP lift is under maintenance.

Lily- What are you talking about VIP lift is working properly. Just now Mrs. Kim entered the building and i saw her taking the VIP lift.

😲oh my god!!!, Don't tell me our CEO have a crush on you?!!!

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