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Lily- Don't tell me CEO have a crush on you!!

Zoe hit the head of Lily with the file in her hand.

Lily- OUCH!! it hurts you know😣. I was just joking.😋

Zoe- Stop joking around we all know that CEO already have a fiance.

Lily- He #had# a fiance!!

Zoe- had?😐

Lily- He again rejected a girl Mrs. Kim chose for him.

Zoe- oh my god !!how many times did it already happened? i can't even count.

(both started giggling😂😁)

Zoe- But how did you know about this?

Lily- I told you didn't i that i saw Mrs. Kim taking the VIP lift today(in from previous chapter) as she was entering the building she was talking on the phone about how her son never listens to her and how he has again broke up with a girl she set up for him.Now she doesn't even care that weather the girl who is going to marry his son is rich and noble or not,all she want is that her son will agree to marry)😆😆

Secretary Zoe- oh!! then now you have the chance to make him marry you because his mother is not against any girl!! congratulation 🎉

Lily(coworker)- you don't even know how i want it to become true.😆😆

Zoe- OK. let's leave this topic and get to work otherwise your sexy Lucifer will make us leave this company.

Lily - okkkkay .bye (goes back to her desk)

Zoe sighs and goes to her desk but when she just about to start her work. someone call her name. and she thoughts (can anyone let me complete my work i have to submit a file in two hours.)

James- hey ! beautiful. You are looking gorgeous like always.

Zoe thoughts (c'mon not agggaaaain.)

Zoe ignores him and starts working on her file which she have to submit to the CEO kim in 2 hours.

James- how rude!! how can you ignore me. you know that i like you but you don't give me a proper reply.

Zoe-(not looking up from her file) I already told you many times that I DONT LIKE YOU but you are the who refuses to listen to me .

James- i know you like to play hard to get but this is getting too far OK . it's been 2 years already since i told you to date me and i know you don't like anyone else so why not just date me. )

Zoe about to say something but get intrupted....

CEO KIM- looks like you guys are having a lot of fun huh? you think i pay you to come and flirt with other employs ??😡

James apologizes and goes back to his seat .

Zoe thoughts ( maybe he is in a very bad mood . i should better hurry with the file)

CEO KIM then return to his office

CEO KIM- how dare he flirt with her ....😡.

then he quickly sends a email to james computer that james is getting fired .

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