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Zie finishes the file and takes a deep sigh ''thank god!!😩finally i finished this file on time.'' she said to herself.

Then she goes to his office and knocks the door two to three times.

Ceo- ''come in''

Zoe enters the CEO's office with the file in her hands and after she submits it she again reminds him about the meeting with japanese company in three hours.

CEO KIM tells her that ''Go and start the process of hiring deputy chief for communication department.''

zoe questions that '' sir but that's the post of james and he haven't sent any resignation letter. so why we are...

Before she finishes saying that he interrupts ''I fired him . He won't be coming from tomorrow morning''

Zoe gets a slights shocked as james was very well in job and there was no need for him to get fired without any pre-notice which is always given as it takes time to hire new people. She leaves after saying ''yes sir".

But now-a-days Zoe has started noticing that someone is taking pictures of her secretly but when ever she looks for that person there always no one. She thinks that someone is stalking her but she pays no attention to that because she doesn't have time for that.

When she again returns from CEO's office she hears some of her co workers talking about the increasing robberies in Zoe's neighbourhood and that if the owners mistakingly returns at the time of robbery then thieves kills the owners of the house and they are still not caught. Zoe says to them that they should care more about there job then the robbers. Then both co-workers leaves immediately. And the meeting goes smoothly


Night time, around 9 p.m. she was walking home after some shopping from the supermarket and she hears a click!! voice near her and then she turns around but there was no one and the road was empty this was a no moon night so there was completely dark in the area near her house which gives her a light scare.

Zoe reaches home and there was no one at home because her brothers studies in hostal in another city and now she lives alone for last 1 year. Zoe still says, '' I am home'' out of her old habit. she was going to switch the lights on.....

but suddenly she hears a voice coming from her kitchen which scares the hell out of her and she slowly takes the nearest object(umbrella) she sees in her hand moves towards the kitchen and there comes a LOUD!!!!!!! noise from the kitchen and she fell in her corridor with the umbrella in her hand and the umbrella hits the vase which was kept on the side table and the pieces of the broken vase fell on her hand which gives a slight cut on her fingers.

And then the person from the kitchen comes out from the loud noise..

Zoe closes her eyes shut and start murmuring that , ''don't come closer, don't come closer or i will shout''.

Then a very familiar voice starts laughing at her and Zoe immediately open her eyes and look at the person in front of her which was her aunty who lives next door and who used to take care of Zoe's little brother when Zoe has to go on business trip with her boss. Aunty was away for more than three months so Zoe didn't expect her to show at Zoe's home.

Aunty said to Zoe that, " oh my god!!☺ I was away for only three months and look what you had made of yourself."

Zoe stands and hug her tightly like a kid as her aunt was the only one who would care for Zoe after her parents left her.

She met her aunt 2 years ago when she moved in her current house which was used to be of that aunt which she sold as her son died in the car accident and she wanted to give this house to his son's family but couldn't. She treated Zoe and her brother like her own children all these years.

They both talked all night long .

The next morning Zoe got dark circles under her eyes which she perfectly hide from makeup. When she goes out from her house she sees a familiar limo in front of he

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