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The moment she steps out from her house she sees a huge limo in her low class neighbour hood. All the eyes were on that shining car which was blocking the narrow street directly in front of Zoe's house. The moment Zoe came out of her house the person seating in the limo also came out. YES, it was the CEO Kim who came out and without saying anything he gently hold Zoe's hand with a sweet smile on his face this scene was looking like that of the fairy tales when a knight in the shining armor proposes the beauty but suddenly...

He pulls her hand swiftly and took her in his car. The people looking left speechless as they saw that scene as that romantic scene was destroyed in seconds.


Zoe say's to CEO kim that there was no need for picking her himself.

CEO KIM '' I know but we can't just go separately today."

Actually Zoe got a message from CEO early in the morning that ''he will get her from her house'' (which he never does. And he didn't even told her the reason just a simple message) (-Be-ready-till-7a.m-)

Zoe tried to ask him that where they are going and why? but he kept silent as he has a habit of not answering when he is not in a good mood😅. Then Zoe got nervous and she started asking him again and again that where they are going so he finally told her that " We are going to my mother's house and you have to meet her as my girlfriend " .

Zoe got even more nervous and basically SHOCKED!!!!?!!😵...then she takes a long breath and ask him that is he okay or has fever.

CEO KIM- Why would i have a fever?(annoyed)

Sorry sir but i don't remember ever dating you and all of a sudden i am going to meet your mother as your girlfriend it feels a little weird ( actually a lot weird)

CEO KIM - (Takes a deep sigh) i am not going to say it again so listen carefully. I know we are not in a relation but still i need your help coz my annoying mother won't stop nagging to me about marriage and i am fed up so i need someone to be my girlfriend to show my mother that she doesn't have to waste her time on stupid things and you just take it as helping a friend in need. Just pretend to be my girlfriend. Okay?

Zoe - but why me?

CEO KIM - i work all day In the office then there is no one i can say that she is girlfriend and top of that my mom loves you so she won't nag , won't ask question, and everyone will be happy. It's a win win situation for everyone.

Zoe- how it is a win situation for me?

CEO KIM - my mother loves buying things for my gf's. You will become rich.

Zoe- but i don't think i can do this.This lying to Mrs kim all she wan'ts is just your happiness.

CEO KIM- I haven't asked. i am just telling you to do it. And right now we are 5 minutes late because of you.

Zoe had no choice as years ago he also helped her in many ways if that day he didn't gave her the job then maybe she would have died of starving or by killed by gamblers. so she agreed.

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