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@@Then they both reached at his mother's house. It was Zoe's first time in 3 years that she worked under Ceo Kim to see his mother's house. Zoe had once visited to CEO KIM house before for some work but It was not COE KIM's house as he and his mother lives separately but it was even bigger and more marvalous than CEO Kims house.

It was looking like a royal palace with a huge gate, garden filled with beautiful flowers and

(aaanchu) sneeze?!!

Zoe quickly looks at the person in her right who was sneezing very badly as his face got a little red from irritation from flowers.(he was Mr Kim)....

Then a very humble and elegent voice of Mrs kim was heard as she came from inside the house..

(Oh my goddd! i remember that i told sebastian to remove the red roses.How can he be so careless now a days?😡...ohh my poor baby. 😧Are you ok? lets first gets inside.)...

Zoe was left alone with Mrs Kim when CEO KIM went to attend a call.

Mrs kim started talking to Zoe.....

Mrs Kim : Oh my! look how beautiful you are my baby.

Zoe : (super awkward) m-mm-me? baby?😅

Mrs Kim : Oh no it's just that you are beautiful. If I had a daughter. She would really look exactly like you.

Zoe : Thank you for saying that.(she suddenly calms down from Mrs kim gentle and motherly voice)

Mrs Kim : So let's come to the main topic now. Zoe- ?

Mrs kim- how much do you like my son?

Zoe - ( tries to hide her embarrassed face by laughing) v-v-very much.

Mrs kim - oh! c'mon i am not that old fashioned. i am asking, have you done THIS AND THAT..🤗😚

Zoe - (suddenly goes red with embarrassment) No ma'am, we ....


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