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Moments ago I was hit by a car and everything is black, I then see a blinding light and when I open my eyes I am confused, I see that I'm in a forest, I then see a game like message window in front of my eyes.

[To bring up yourstatus,say or think the word status]

Status? Ithought,and my status pops up.

[Name: Zero]

[Race: Imp]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 0]

[Level 1]









Stat Points:0

Skills: [Appraisal](LV.Max) [Fire Magic](LV.1) [Fire Breath](LV.1)

I then see a green Goblin.

[Race: Goblin]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 1]

[Level 2]

The Goblin has a wooden spear, andthe Goblin throws it at me, the wooden spear stabs me in the leg.

"Gaaah." came out of my mouth because of the pain, I grab the wooden spear and I quickly take it out of my leg and blood leaks from my leg, I then run towards the Goblin and I stab the Goblin in the head with the wooden spear.

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

Blood is still coming out of my leg, I walk around and I see a cave, I walk into the cave and I lay down.

Is this the end? I thought.

My woundstarts to healbut I am very weak and I feel like I'm dieing, I then pass out.

The next day.

I wake up.

I'm not dead? I thought well getting up.

I look at my leg and it is fully healed, I then walk out of the cave and I walk around the forest, afterawhileI see a beautiful female human, she is short, she has blonde hair, she has blue eyes, her face is beautiful, she has huge breasts that are as big as melons, she is skinny, her body is beautiful, she is wearing a white priestess robe, her skin is light, and holding a golden staff.

The beautiful female sees me and points her golden staff at me, and a beam of light comes out of the staff, I dodge the attack and I walk closer to the girl.

"Stay away from me." said the girl and her voice is very cute, I try to speak but can't.

The girl uses the skill Light Beam again and I dodge the attack, I keep walking closer to the girl, the girl then uses Light Beam again, I dodge the attack and the girlstarts crying.

I then quickly knock the golden staff out of her hands and I wrap my hands around her to restrain her.

"Why did I have to sneak out of the Church." said the girl well crying.

"Sto." I tried to say stop but couldn't.

"Wait,you are intelligent." said the girl.

"Sto." I tried to say stop again.

"Stop." I finally say the word stop but I couldn't say hard or long words.

"You want me to stop attacking you." said the girl well looking at me, I nod with a yes.

"Are you going to hurt me or eat me or are you going tor*peme." said the girl, I nod with a no.

"So you just want me to stop attacking you." the girl said, I nod with a yes and my belly makes noises because I'm hungry.

"Your hungry." said the girl and I nod with a yes.

"I have some fruits in my b

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