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I follow Lily into a kingdom and to the entrance of a Church, thereis a man with a white robe on in front of the entrance.

"Lily where have you been and why is there a demon with you." said the man.

"Don't worry about him Logan he is intelligent, I even attacked him and he didn't even attack me, he just said stop." said Lily, the man sees that I'm naked and sees my big penis.

"Lily get the Imp some clothes." said Logan, me and Lily go into the Church and Lily takes me to a room with male clothes.

"What color clothes do you want to wear?" asked Lily.

"Black." I said, Lily then gets black clothes and puts aholeonthem so my tail can pop out through the pants, I then put the clothes on.

"Thank you." I said.

"Your welcome." said Lily, I then feel different, my breathing is heavy and I want tof*ckLily.

What is happening to me? I thought, I then remember that Lily said something aboutr*pingher in the forest, I then realize that this is happening because I'm a monster not human.

Saliva drips out of my mouth.

"Zero is something wrong." said Lily, I look at her huge breasts and I push her to the ground, I then get on top of her.

"What are you doing." said Lily with a scared tone and face.

[You have gained the skill, Human Language]

"I'm sorry but I can't control myself." I said, I then grab Lily's left breast and I squeeze it.

"Ahh!" Lily moans.

"Let go of me." said Lily, I then see that her nipples are hard, I then poke herleft nipple.

"Ahh!" Lily moans.

Her voice is so cute? I thought, claws then appear and I usethemto cut the robe down the middle, I claw her clothes until she iscompletelynaked.

Lily is breathing heavily and I get up, I then take off my clothes and I get back on top of Lily, I then kiss her on the lips and I use my tongue, I taste Lily's saliva and it tastes good.

I then lick Lily's nipples.

"Ahh!" Lily moans.

"Please stop." said Lily, Lily can't even fight back because she is in lots of pleasure, I then go to Lily's pussy and I lick her pussy.

"Ahh!" Lily moans.

"Please stop I'm very sensitive." said Lily, Lily makes lots of love juices, I can smell that Lily is a virgin and her love juices tastes sour, sweet, salty, bitter, her love juices taste so good and I can't get enough of it.

The sound of slurping filled the room along with Lily's moans, I stop licking Lily's pussy and I spread her legs.

"Please don't." said Lily, I then penetrate Lily's pussy with my big penis.

"Ahh!" Lily moans and I move my hips back and forth.

"Ahh!" Lily moans.

"Take it out!" said Lily loudly.

[You have gained the skill, Seed Protector]

Seed Protector: Makes it so a female won't get pregnant from your seed.

I move my hips faster.

"Ahh!" Lily moans, I feel that I'm about to cum, I activate Seed Protector and I cum lots inside Lily's pussy.

"Ahhh!" Lily moans loudly and the door open, Logan is the one that opened the door.

"Youcumedinside her pussy." said Logan with anger and I take my penis out of Lily's pussy, Lily's pussy is leaking my cum.

"Get out!!" I said loudly with anger, I push Logan out, I shut the door and I lock it, Logan doesn'ttry toget in because of the way I said get out and because of the way I looked.

I walk over to Lily, andshe is still laying on the ground.

"I'm sorry I couldn't control myself." I said.

"You have alreadytakenmy virginity so I'm yours." said Lily well trying to get up but she can't.

"Do you need helpup?" I asked.

"Yes." said Lily, I help her up by taking one of her hands.

"You have a pair of clothes right." I asked.

"Yes I have more robes in my room." said Lily.

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