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Me and Lily go to the quest board, we are only F rank adventurers so we can only take F or E rank quests, because E is one rank morethanF, Lily getsan Erank quest to kill 10 Goblins.

"We are doing this quest." said Lily.

"Ok." I said, we walk out of the guild and we go to a forest, afterawhileof walking in the forest we see a Goblin, the Goblin has a wooden spear and is wearing only a rag that covers its penis.

[Race: Goblin]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 1]

[Level 6]

The Goblin throws the wooden spear and Lily uses the skill Light Shield, it creates a shield made from light in front of us, the wooden spear hits the light shield and Lily cancels the skill.

The wooden spear falls to the ground and I pick it up, I then throw the wooden spear and it killed the Goblin by stabbing it right in the head.

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

I walk over to Lily and I hug her.

"What is the hug for?" asked Lily.

"For using magic to shield us." I said.

"Well I like it when you hug me." said Lily well blushing, Lily's huge breasts are pushing against me because I'm hugging Lily.

"Lily yourshortand your breasts are huge." I said.

"Do you not like short girls?" asked Lily.

"I like it that your short." I said.

"I'm happy you like me." said Lily well smiling.

"I don't like you just for your body, you are nice and you don't think of me as a monster." I said.

"Well you are intelligent so you aren't some mindless monster, but still monsters have instincts and you have those Instincts, but that doesn't make you a monster." said Lily.

"You are a nice person." I said, I then kiss Lily on the lips and we keep walking, I kill goblin after goblin, until I killeda total of10 goblins.

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 1 Stat Point]

Lily harvested the Goblins and put them in a ring called a Space Ring, itallows you to store things inside the ring because it opens a pocket dimension.

"What is that gold ring with a black orb on it?" I asked.

"It's a space ring." said Lily, Lily tells me what a space ring does and tells methatthey are expensive and rare.

"Where did you get one?" I asked.

"Because I'mspecial,I got one from the Church." said Lily, we then go to the guild and walk up to the receptionist, well Lily was talking toRyleeI used my Stat Points, I use 3 on STR, 2 on AGI, and 2 on INT.

"Zero we have 5 Sliver coins from doing quest." said Lily.

"How much is that?" I asked.

"Notalot." said Lily, Lily tells me about Coins, Copper Coins are the lowest, Sliver Coins arehigher thanCopper Coins, Gold Coins arehigher thanSliver Coins, and Platinum Coins are the highest.

"Zero let's go back to the Church." said Lily, we go to the Church and most of the high ranked Church people are gon

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