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I open the door and I walk into Lily'sroom;I see Lily is laying on her bed naked.

"What did you talk about with Jacob?" asked Lily.

"We just talked, andhe is not angry with me anymore." I saidwell,staring at Lily's body.

"Zero your staring." said Lily.

"You are naked and your body is beautiful so I can't stop staring." I said.

"With you want my body then you can have it." said Lily, everything Lily says is cute because of her cute voice, I take off my clothes and I'm now naked and Lily sees my big penis.

I go on the bed and I kiss Lily's pussy, I thenstart lickingLily's pussy.

"Ohh! Ahh!" Lily moans and her pussy creates love juices.

"Mmmm!soogood." said Lily, Lily then puts both of her hands on my head and pushes it down to her pussy so I don't stop.

"Your pussy smells so good." I said.

"Ahh! faster!" said Lily loudly, I lick faster and Lily's pussy keeps creating love juices.

"I love the taste of your juices." I said.

"More!" said Lily loudly, I put my hand on her big soft ass and I keep licking Lily's pussy.

"Ahh!" Lily moans and I stop licking Lily's pussy, I stick 2 fingers inside her pussy and I move them around.

"Mmm! Ahh!" Lily moans.

"I'm about to cum!" said Lily and her bodystarts shaking, I move my fingers faster and I take my fingers out of her pussy, she then squirts outlots of cum.

"Ahhh!" Lily moansveryloudly, I then suck one of Lily's nipples and I massage the other nipple with one of my hands.

"Mmm! Ahh!" Lily moans.

"You'resucking themtoohard milkis going tocome out." said Lily, Lily is a wet nurse also known as a healer, they produce lots of milk even though they aren't pregnant they still create milk.

Milk goes into my mouth and I drink it.

"Ahh!" Lily moans and her body is shaking from pleasure, I stop sucking Lily's nipples and I kiss her on the lips.

"Lily you should sleep now." I said in a soft tone of voice.

"Ok." said Lily, I wait for Lily to fall asleep and I put my clothes on, I walk out of Lily's bedroom and I walk downstairs to see that there are 12 low ranked members of the Church, I also see Logan using magic totry tokeep them away.

"You can't haveLily,she already has a partner." said Logan.

So these people want Lily, well I'm not going tolet that happen? I thought, I take off my shirt, soit doesn't break, I then open my wings and fly up high, the force from me flying blows out the candles and it is now dark in the Church.

[You have gained the skill,Nightvision]

I see the 12 low ranked members of the Church and I take out myclaws, I then fly down and I slash 4 of the low ranked members of the Church.

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 2 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 2 Stat Point]

I then kill the other 8 low ranked members of the Church.

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 2 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 2 Stat Point]

[You Leveled Up]

[You have gained 2 Stat Point]

I use a small Fire Breath to light the candles and Logan sees blood everywhere and dead bodies, I am also behind him.

"Logan behind you." I said, Logan looks behind him and sees me with blood on my claws.

"You did this." said Logan in a scared tone of voice.

"Well they wanted Lily, soI had to kill them because she is mine." I said.

"You say she is yours but most of the other members of the Church will not accept that." said Logan.

"No one will touch Lily because with they do I'll kill them." I said that in a monstrous tone of voice, Logan stops talking and has a scared face, I go upstairs to Lily's room and I fall asleep beside her well I'm naked.

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