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I struck down like lightning into the body of the hunch boy. I then realized this was my body, albeit from years ago even before I started high school. I look up to see who it was that is beating me only to get a shoe to the face. My nose hurt and was bleeding. I am glad I braced for it, but it didn't save me from much.

Laughing at my pain Tyler looked down then said. "Servers you right!"

I saw who it was. Tyler he had always hated me because of my family's wealth. He was upper middle-class. I always though he was better off. Money is great and all but I almost never saw my family and I don't know who my mother even is. My father was always away work. The money is nice and all but it wasn't my money so how great is it really.

As Tyler finished laughing and made his way towards me to beat me some more. I was having none of that! I leapt into his stomach making him kneel over in pain. I Back up as he made a motion to vomit, and he did. I could help myself and laughed at him. What right does he have to bully me. Now that I have a second chance I am not going to take it on the chin.

Like my idiot father always said. I would think that a man who worked so hard in life and made something of himself would grow some balls. He followed the same mindset for years later and it cost him his cushy job as a Manager at a Corporation after he pick the wrong side in a dispute over leadership. He wallowed in self pity for years drink and living off what he earned. He ended up losing his family too since all he did was drink and pity himself for his dumb ideals.

Squeaking up behind me Julia said while come over to see if I was alright. "Edward! He didn't hurt you to bad did he?" Even more meekly she said. "Thanks for saving me."

I turned to look at her and give my most charming smile I could give and said. "Being the hero and saving a beauty is worth it. I think I should get a reward don't you?" She looked at me in confusion. I walked closer to her and whispered. "Shouldn't such a brave hero like me deserve a kiss?" I laughed much to her dismay.

She grew flushed and I could smell a sweet smell coming from her like honey. She grabbed my hand and wanted to quickly leave. I decided to follow along but not before giving a kick to Tyler making him fall over in pain. I just chuckled and followed Julia out who just wanted to leave quickly. She looked scared but I couldn't understand why.

We turned out of the alley to leave when behind us Tyler called out too us. "You fuck will pay for this!"

I wanted to return to give him move of an ass kicking but decided against it as Julia looked really scared. I would go deal with him later. I always thought he had something to do with why she stopped talking to me. I'll pay him a visit later tonight to find out. Can't let some scumbag ruin things for me in my new life.

We went too her house. She was worried about my injuries. We arrived at her door and she motioned for me to stay quiet. I di

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