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After climbing out of Julia's house I jump to a tree beside the house and climb down making my way to the wall between our houses. Grabbing the wall and climbing over like I have so many times in the past I make it into my own yard. Enter my house and going to my room I go straight to my chair. I pull it over to my bed to recline and rest my feet and look for the book. I can't find it, I feel my heart race in terror only to calm down when it appears out of no where.

I open it and start to read. It is written in those weird runes that I could understand after the pain brought about by the eye before returning to the realm of the living. It was a great read! The first and most important thing is my body needs Vitae or what you could call life blood. Humans have it and so do animals but of a lower quality based on the animal and some other factors. I need it to live and to use some abilities or to strengthen myself. Good news, I don't need much to live. Don't even need to eat food. Bad news, almost everything I can do uses it like fuel. Like gas for a car.

In a few years time magic and magical being will start to become a common thing. I can use it like a mage and power spells and formations even magic tools after changing how they work. Some people all cultivated their bodies giving themselves strength or speed and the like. I can make a Thrall either a human dominated or a ghoul by feeding them my own Vitae. It isn't instantiate in the case of a ghoul. The Vitae can given and then used by a ghoul to strengthen themselves. I don't know how useful they will be later on when other worldly creatures finally come. I'll have to test this later on might not be very cost effective to spend so much vitae on what will be cannon fodder.

As I continue to read I came around an entry that filled myself with rage! I can't have children. I explained that I am now no longer "alive". I can't have children! One of my regrets is that I never had any children. God Damn it! I continue to read to distract myself from my hysteria.

There some explanation follow in the book. I need Vitae to make my self flush or to breath or to even look human. I guess it just makes my life harder fortunately it doesn't take much. I continue to read and there is some good news I can, as described Embrace a human and take all their blood and give some of my own Vitae to the corpse to sire to turn them into a progeny or brood.

Enough of this nonsense I grow hungry and wrathful. I get up and shower I smell of blood and dirt not very pleasant. I do love this new body though. The heighten senses will take some getting used to and I recall I could smell pheromones that was quite nice. I change into some sweats and a sweatshirt. Grabbing some money I leap out my window to the ground below from the second floor and start to run. I jump over the wall in the rear of the house which is leads to a gated community. The community leads right to a small shopping district. I can't ru

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