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n hour reading more of Progenitor of Blood while I wait for him. Glancing at the entrance I see him but he is with someone. I want to know what they are talking about. I feel my ears pop and then. Wow I can hear them.

The other guy said. "You piece of shit! You already promised her to the boss! You said it was in the bag, that she would do what you said! The boss will not be happy if you don't get that girl in his bed tonight." He smacks Tyler in the back of his head quite hard making him stumble. I swear if this is about Julia I am going to have to fuck him up real good.

Tyler stammers and replays. "That... that bitch Julia's father was caught doing coke and fucking a whore. Had pictures and even a video of him doing it several times. She was going to agree if that fucker Edward didn't involved."

That piece of shit! No wonder I never saw her anymore. Man maybe I could have gotten laid earlier too if her family didn't come home if she was going to give it up to save her family. Sweet girl trying to save her douche bag father. No matter I will take out the trash and get the girl. Gotta check these shit bags first. They moved towards a car in the parking lot and I real wanted to snatch them up. Looking around I make sure there are no cameras. It looks like there are a lot but if I move right I can avoid the one pointing at them and the other is to far up to show them. It is late and the only other people are across the lot.

No or never. I jump down and sprint towards them quiet as can be. Getting behind the other guy who is driving, probably his car. I wait for him to open the door and climb in. Both of the are in and looking away I climb in the back seat. When the car starts I punch Tyler in the left side of the seat and the other guy looks over seeing him hit his head on the window. Before he know what is happening I reach around the left side of the driver seat and grab his throat. Extending a claw on my right hand I bring it close enough to his neck to draw blood.

Again I smell fear. I really wonder why it has to be lemony. He grunts out trying to breath." Who the fuck are you fucker!"

I dig my claw in a little more and he quiets down. I whisper in the left side so he can't see my face in the mirror. "Shut your mouth and drive to the abandoned train yard a few block from here. Know the place? Best not try to drive else where or anything. I'll kill you before that happens." I squeeze a little harder so he can't breath for a few seconds then let up so he doesn't pass out.

He just nods and starts to drive. I can feel his heart racing. Man I can't wait to have some fun with these fucks. We arrive quickly since it is very late and this is not a busy area. As he pulls up to the locked gate I can feel his heart beat pick up. I then decided to test out some of my venom I learned I have. I can do many things like what I will use it for. To knock him out. I secrete some from my claw and it enters is veins quickly and as he falls asleep I reach up a pull the parking break. Can't have the car go wild.

I climb out. Luckily this area has been abandoned for years so no one will notice us. I quickly go to the drivers seat and pull his leg back. He had been stepping on the gas when he passed out. He didn't even get the chance to put on his seat belt. I grab him and shove him in the back. Leaving the door open I go to the gate and grab the chain with a lock on it and twist the lock till something snaps giving me access to the train yard. I pick up the scraps and throw them in the train yard so no one can see them. I am sure I could find a spell to do that but fuck it ain't got the time for that shit there is fun to be had!

I drive the car into the yard and to a warehouse. I get out open the door and drive in. I just drive though some of the stuff in here. It is not my car so fuck it. I find two chairs and some rust wire and strap my two new playmates in. I did cut myself on some of that shitty wire but I ju

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