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Accelerated Reactions. This power belongs to me, so I would like to think that I've already unlocked all of its secrets, and I should know all of its strengths and weaknesses.

This low-tier power does not increase my physical abilities in any way, nor does it make me smarter, but it does have its uses. In raid parties, I can utilize my power in the front-lines, bombarding monsters from any angle with any weapon that I have in my hands. Although every encounter will have its own risks, my life always hanging on the line between life and death, Accelerated Reactions continues to make dodging attacks aimed at me a breeze.

The world seems to slow down around me, but I know that it is just the effect of this power, when my brain's processing speed surpasses that of what any human could normally handle - as if I were using 100% of my brain!

As amazing as all of this sounds, my power is not omnipotent - I can only react to what I can sense. Every human has the five basic senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Yes, you can say that my power, Accelerated Reactions, is just extreme sensitivity to the aforementioned senses.

Let us take for example the current situation, where the giant armoured rabbit in front of me has lifted its head and arched its body back. To the normal person, all of this happens in just a matter of seconds, but to me, from the moment I activate my Accelerated Reactions, I can already determine just what actions I may need to take to survive what's to come next.

The armoured rabbit seems like a statue, under my watchful eyes, but I can see its stomach expanding. The gentle breeze, that had already been disturbed by its previous attack, now feels like it's being sucked in toward the rabbit at a frightening speed - so I can conclude that the rabbit's next attack will most likely be a breath of some sort.

I once again dive away, easily dodging the high-velocity cannons of air that the armoured rabbit shoots at me. I do not stop with just defensive maneuvers, however, and I tuck into a roll to get farther away from Aaron's five-man party. I need to give them the chance to save their friend.

The armoured rabbit finally gives chase, its paws crushing the grass underneath with every leap. I regret having thrown away the sword that I had picked up on my way over to intercept the beast, but it's too late to double-back and grab it now. If today's visit to the fields were not an outing with Emily, or if she wasn't so eager to come to the Outer Lands quicker, I would have spent some time to equip myself with something before leaving. I raise my wrist to my face, calling out for the map of Gortum Fields, knowing that I cannot run forever.

The holographic display expands to show the entirety of Gortum Fields in a 2-D format, the GPS (global positioning system) built into the device also constantly updating my location. Scrolling to the left, at the very top of the display, my update to the previous alert

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