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I don't think I'd be able to finish talking about just how much I love my grandma, if you ever wanted to hear about it, in just one sitting. She's actually one of the only people that I have left in my life - the rest has either turned their backs on my sister and I, or died - so it is the only conversation subject that I could honestly go on forever about. I'd like to say the same about my sister, however it has been over two years since our parents died and she stopped talking and smiling at me as often as she used to.

My grandma raised my sister and I, from when we were still babies, as my parents were both very busy with their work as Supers. We were fortunate, growing up, as both my parents had plenty of work going their way - requests the likes of exploring newly opened monster dens or dungeons, or lending a hand at the hospital when short-staffed, was nothing out of the ordinary - so money was never an issue. The bright and smiling faces of my family are forever stored in a special place within my heart.

It wasn't until my grandma became sick, when I was 10 years old, that things started taking a turn for the worst.

I remember the day that dad came home with half of his head wrapped in bandages - my mum nearly fainted on the spot - as he had just come back from exploring a new monster den a fortnight's trek into the Outer Lands. His body was battered and bruised, and his torn clothing showing roughly stitched up and bloody wounds here and there.

Even though he looked half-dead, his eyes lit up, just like they usually did, when he saw mum and I coming to greet him.

Dad had never come home with such serious injuries before. The work of a Super, one who ventures outside of The Wall, is the most dangerous line of work one could choose to do, however, it is also the most well-paid. With next to no need of any qualifications, one can register to become a Super, as long as you have already had your power certified.

Dad used to work in human resources for a government agency, always wanting to help where he can in terms of making the lives of those within The Wall greater, where he would work alongside Supers and organize for the protection of The Wall from the rabid beasts and monsters of the Outer Lands. He's always been the type to gung-ho everything he does, so it was only expected when he decided to change his career path from being within The Wall to going out of it alongside the many friends he had made during his time in human resources.

While mum dragged dad to the nearest hospital, grandma was there to hold us in her arms. She had softly assured us that dad would be just fine, and that mum would be back in no time. Her smile was the warmest of all. We all knew that she was unwell, by this point in time, but she never stopped caring more for us than she did herself.

One night, shortly after grandma's sickness flared up and she was admitted to hospital, I overheard my dad talking with mum in the hallway about how it was becoming harder and harder to find work due to his injuries. Dad's power was certified as 'Shield Bearer', making him an amazing front-liner during raids into monster dens or dungeons. Unfortunately, due to his power no longer being stable or reliable after his head injury, the other Supers that used to call him their comrade in arms - the same Supers that dad would always boast to us about after every raid to the Outer Lands - could no longer trust in him to be their front-liner, pushing him further and further toward the back of the group.

Eventually dad was pushed away from the group entirely.

Mum was in the same situation, finding less and less work within The Wall as a part-time healer at the hospital. Every year there came more and more graduates of the University of Supportive Roles moving into roles that suited them best in the work force - many of which replacing the part-timers that were more 'on-call' than actual part-time workers.

Even during this

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