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As I fall face first into my bed, having just come home after weeks outside of The Wall, I can't help but feel a pinch of guilt. Even I know that I'm contributing the least in the raid parties that venture to the Outer Lands in search of precious materials. But that guilt of mine is quickly washed away by the relief of knowing that I've survived again, and will be able to use my reward money to help pay off grandma's hospital fees.

"I'm so glad," I think to myself, as I bury my head in my pillow. "This time I didn't get injured too badly, so I'll be able to go out again in another few days."

Knock, knock.

"Come downstairs to eat some breakfast before you go to sleep, Marc," my grandma says to me from the other side of the bedroom door. "Karen and I will be going to the hospital for my check-up tonight, so we might not be here to cook you something to eat when you wake up if you go to sleep now."

"Alright," I answered back, my voice being muffled because the comfort of processed cotton is just too alluring after having to sleep on the hard ground for the past couple of weeks. "I'm coming, grandma."

While I'm rolling my bruised and battered body off of the bed, my grandma's mumbling about how the world would be better if the young'uns didn't have to go outside of The Wall came through the thin walls, her voice trailing off until she could not be heard any longer.

"How nice would it be to have someone hand deliver some breakfast to me, right now?" I ask aloud.

"You know that ain't gonna happen, bro," Karen teases, somehow having made her way into my room within the last few seconds. "Get up for breakfast before I start kicking you!"

"Alright, alright..." I lazily reply, raising my hand to wave her away. "You know you can't ever hit me, anyway."

"Haaah?" she exclaims, her face instantly going into 'mafia mode'. "I've been keeping up with practice while you were outside of The Wall. You think I can't hit you with the martial arts they teach during the holiday courses?"

Woosh, woosh woosh!

Karen's three-part kick combo, a low-to-mid based movement ending in a swift axe kick, whiffs me completely. My Accelerated Reactions, a power that enhances my body's ability to move, makes everything feel like it's slower than it actually is. Dodging a few kicks from my sister? Easy.

"Hey!" she exclaims, stamping her foot in frustration at me. "Using your power is cheating!"

"You can use yours, too," I say, as I cross my arms and smirk at her. "But I don't know how grandma would feel about you burning down the house."

As if her brain just shut-down and rebooted, Karen goes from limp to waving her fists in the air in frustration. "Uuuuuurg! Whatever! Just come downstairs for breakfast already!"

"Well, I'm already wide awake from all that moving around. I'll come down after I change out of these dirty clothes."


Shaking my head at Karen, as she stomps downstairs to the kitchen, I chuckle at my own question of where she learned to behave like this from.

After a filling bacon, egg and toast breakfast, I'm making my way back upstairs. My body is craving sleep, and that is exactly what it will get. As I reach my door, as though fate was playing with me, my MVI (Mobile Voice Interactor) starts vibrating on my wrist. I raise my arm and see a familiar face on the pop-up holographic display. Under the face, now looking left and right impatiently, there are two words with differing text background colours - green and red - making the words 'Answer' and 'Decline' easily visible.

I breathe a sigh and drag my palm down the side of my face before reluctantly accepting the call. "Answer."

"What took you so long?" the now floating face of my friend Emily asks. "It's hot as heck out here, and I've been waiting forever!"

"Go find some shade, then," I suggest sarcastically, shrugging my shoulders to add fuel to the fire that was growing in the eyes of this floating head.

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