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The Outer Lands, possibly the closest example of what the world will look like if humans were wiped from the face of the Earth. It would be a lie if someone told you that humans can't survive in the Outer Lands though. As dangerous as the rabid beasts, monsters and demons are, humans always find a way to live wherever they go. Fortunately, as Emily and I are both low-tier power holders, the area that we're going to has already been fully explored and patrols monitor it.

With how the patrols monitor the area, the guards and patrolmen being employed by the DOLA (Department of Outer Land Affairs), Gortum Fields is perfect for new Supers to get a feel for real combat.

"Speak of the devil," I say, finishing my thought aloud. "Look, Em, there are already academy classes that are out here on field exercises."

Emily lifts her hands to her stomach and keels over to pretend that she's throwing up in disgust. "Bleh! Those classes get boring so fast!"

"I wouldn't know," I say and laugh it off. "I wasn't in the academy for long before I dropped out."

"Oh, right!" she nearly shouts, beaming with self-pride. "That's why I'm the smart one, and you're the dumb one!"

"Yeah?" I chuckle to myself without looking at her. "How can someone who actually wants to go into the Outer Lands consider themselves 'smart'? The 'smart' choice would be to stay where it's safe."

"Tsk tsk tsk," the smacking of her lips signalling that one of her famous lectures is about to start. "Don't you know, Marc? It is the pride of the Supers to be able to venture forth into the unknown that is 'The Outer Lands' in search of precious materials, be they ores, plants or different types of animal or monster meat."

Emily uses her Rush to demonstrate to me as she continues with her monologue. "Our powers give us the ticket to enter a world of freedom that's just waiting yonder, but we, as the human race, still need to walk up to the ticket booth so that we may present that ticket. If holding onto a ticket, and just standing there looking at the ticket booth and prize behind it, is what you consider to be 'smart'..."

"Yeah, yeah," I say, continuing to walk around her. "Go preach your sermon to those who care to listen. Until you graduate from your studies, and actually venture 'out there', your words will only continue to sound naive. Like a frog -"

"In a well." another voice finishes off.

Stopping in our tracks, Emily and I turn to face the person talking to us. A young woman, with light blonde hair and smooth, fair skin is walking up to the both of us casually. Lightly swinging from her side is a heavily decorated sheathed sword, the likes of which a poor family like Marc's would never get to see up close, let alone get their hands on.

Emily and I recognize this young woman. Her name is Amelia Arden, and she's considered one of the top geniuses in our generation - likely to succeed her current family's head in the future. When the three of us were

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