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"Ahh !!!" A cry of pain came out of Jun Shen's throat as he suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as he lifted his head, it felt strange.

"Where am I?" Jun Shen seemed to be sitting on what looked like a worn-out bed.

Looking around, he came upon a simple room, which in addition to his bed existed a table and chair with some utensils on top. The lighting of the room seemed to be provided by the brightness of the day or candles.

What's happening...?

At this moment, Jun Shen's thoughts were racing "Where am I, what body is this?"

"I was reborn in another body? Mysterious Voice ..."

At this point, Jun Shen began to have a headache. He finally remembered coming in one place, where he could not see the existence of anything, only in that mysterious voice.

With this thought, the whole spirit of Jun Shen was filled with fear ...

His headache increased every time he thought about it. There was an excessive flood of information in her head. It was only after two full hours that Jun Shen understood what was really going on.

He realized that this was not the earth that he lived, and he was not only reborn.

The body in which he woke up also kept the same name, Jun Shen. A young orphan.

The life of the young Jun Shen was never a flower garden.

At thirteen he was caught by Ye Jiang, who has raised him since he remembers. From his first steps, to feed himself, to read, bringing a little happiness to the young Jun Shen.

But from the beginning life was already showing that it would not be normal for him because the young Jun Shen will be born with a deficient physical constitution, which for some reason made his body extremely weak. Surviving only with the junk that Ye Jiang provided.

Jun Shen's uncle as the last one used to call Ye Jiang sought a cure.

Young Jun Shen and his uncle Ye have settled in the last ten years in the city of Moon Feather.

While the young Jun Shen saw the children run free, his condition made it impossible.

As he spent his childhood he became a child of submissive and timid personality, due to the violent funds and physical, which he did not know when it began. Making himself isolated and having no friends.

One day, awake more willingly than usual, as it was rare. He got up and left to play with some small animals that existed next to his residence.

One could imagine a child playing with the animals, with a small innocent smile on his face.


The Young Jun Shen was thrown to the ground, while the animals fled scared by the noise.

Holding his ribs on the right side, Jun Shen slowly turned to look at what had hit him. To find a group of young people who chased him daily.

"Look who we are, the cripple. The time to show you my new technique, "said the group leader, to the people behind him.

"Yes young máster Bai, this cripple should be honored to accompany him on a demonstration of his technique" mocked one of the followers.

"Hahahahaha." Laughter accompanied the insults to the Young Jun Shen. The people around them just looked and walked away to get into the confusion.

Jun Shen looked around for help, but no one held out his hand. The city guards who made their patrols, when they met his eyes, simply ignored him.

Punches and kicks came down heavily on the fragile body.

"That's not funny anymore. This cripple does not even serve a demonstration." Looking at the body lying on the ground without moving. The young máster Bai disdained while spitting on the body of the young Jun Shen.

"Let's go." Young Master Bai turned away as he kept his mocking gaze toward the body on the floor.

The body on the floor ax of blood, grime breathed weakly. As she tried to turn her body toward her house.

The Young Jun Shen was crawling on the floor, and looking at the people around him. That even after the confusion, they did not help him.

Dragging himself into his room, he lay on his bed as he stared at the woode

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