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Sitting on the bed, Jun Shen still felt his body aching and tired after being flooded by the flood of information.

Turning the body to the side, Jun Shen reached for the jar on the table. The bottle was white in color, made of a material that Jun Shen could not identify.

When he opened the bottle and inhaled the scent that came from him, it already brought a place of tranquility to the mind of Jun Shen.

From inside the jar, Jun Shen took a pill the size of a nail, a gleaming crimson.

Jun Shen did not know the name of such a scarlet pill, but it was something that Ye Jiang made him take to stabilize his body condition. It served to restore the vital essence of the person's body, which he had lost, for unnatural reasons.

His uncle Ye never told the name of such a miracle pill kept alive, and always said to keep everyone secret.

He could imagine that this pill should not be that simple.

Even if it were not a permanent cure in the case of Jun Shen. It had its faulty spiritual roots and made your body lose its vital essence faster than thousands of times faster than a normal person.

Putting the pill in your mouth, Jun Shen can feel it melt down her throat, reaching her stomach and spreading all over her body. Feeling his body slightly warmed by the pill, he lay down again with his eyes closed and waited for the medical pill to work through his body.

After a few moments, Jun Shen stood up, even though his body had not fully recovered, he did not have to worry about falling dead for lack of vital energy.

Washing your face and changing their torn and blood-soaked clothes, Jun Shen left her room. He did not have to worry about anyone entering his residence and finds him full of blood.

Ye Jiang lived in a separate residence, as an Elder guest in Lei Family, one of the great families of Moon City Feather. By helping the patriarch ten years ago, the last insisted on keeping it, to thank for helping him and as Ye Jiang sought a place to look after Young Jun Shen, he accepted.

"Uhmm... It's been three months since Uncle Ye went on a trip, and I do not know when he came back this time. I hope he's safe, "muttered Jun Shen, as he walked through the small courtyard that existed outside his room, in the middle of the courtyard existed a small artificial lake with some random fish, which swam quietly by the water.

Ye Jiang rarely stayed at home, as he traveled constantly, whether to seek the remedies of, or seek what he healed the spiritual roots of Jun Shen;

These trips lasting for days, weeks or even extending to months .. Doing Jun Shen worried about his well being and guilty for taking the personal life of his troubled uncle.

Moving to the small pond, only to find the shock on his face, as he stared at the image reflected on the surface of the water.

"Spooky! Not only do we share the same name but also the same look."

The image on the lake showed a thin, pale child with short black hair, black eyes, a thin, straight nose, which along with their small, delicate childish features brought the feminine feel to the pale face.

"Despite the pale and malnourished appearance due to the condition of my body, it is still identical to my old self when I was a child." Jun Shen in this body was thirteen but appeared to be smaller.

From the moment of his arrival in this new world, he was shocked by the circumstances he encountered.

Waking up in a body that had been beaten to the state of death, which held the same name and appearance and not least a poor body to complete the package.

Maybe it was an incredible coincidence, what Jun Shen had to deny quickly. When he remembered the sadistic, mysterious voice in the darkness.

Thinking of the possible possibilities for such a situation, he would soon dismiss such thoughts, for making no difference in his present.

After a long, simple sigh, he started walking toward the Lei Dining Hall.

Despite his thin, pale face,

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