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amaliaverdezoto > Pharoh's Concubine > 5 Chapter 5..Blood
I gulped and was really confused seeing something that made you bang your head on the books is really shocking and not everyone gets to experience it.. And Ramses 2nd most precious wife Nefetari.He heard Nefetari and stared towards me and started praising my name "Nefetari is a really beautiful name... You can call me Biftu..".I was shocked but what is done is done so I simply nodded. He then touched my hairs again and asked me tenderly " Are these golden hair your real hair and these blue eyes.. ".I nodded and he smiled and started prasing my beauty and suddenly Lee came near Biftu and bowed and showed a sign and Biftu returned an expression like a sign of agreement. Suddenly many soilders entered the room and Lee started walking near that fat man who was now really nervous. Lee began" So being in the Great Ramses the first palace got the privilege to drink and feast with the prince himself and now you are planning to give our precious army strategies to the other kingdoms..? ".The fat man was now sweating like crazy and started to act innocent and angry " What... What are you even trying to say?? Is this how you you treat a guest I must return now.. ".But before he could say anything Biftu stood up on his face his tender and beautiful face now full of anger and revenge and he gave a smirk which made the fat man sweat like crazy...Biftu continued "Don't worry I will send you back.. But lying is a punishable offence we got all our private records in your room.. Is someone trying to frame you?... ".The fat man clearly lying started begging for mercy " Yes... Yes I have always been loyal to you and everyone.... ".In a second Biftu took out his golden sword which shined from the very distance embedded with precious jewellery and slaughtered the man's head... Blood was everywhere and everyone was normal except me. I have seen a live murder in front of me how can I..? My blood ran cold I stood at thier like a dummy and I started to shiver.

Biftu looked down and Lee ordered the soilders to clean up within a minute everything was like new. I was afraid and missed luciel terribly I stood up and ran outside.. Everyone gave me stares but I was so afraid I had tears in my eyes and the thing I could hear was "Nefetari! " Biftu screaming for me. I saw Lilah outside I ran towards him and grabbed him and asked him"You said... You will take me home where is home now???? You are a liar!!! ".He stood there confused and then smiled you are with the prince now you should be happy Nefetari.He went away after he said those words and I felt some hands from the side it was Biftu... He grabbed me by my waist and turned me to face to face and looked the tears in my eyes... He then wiped them with his soft hands that he just used to take a life moments ago. I was still Shivering and in shock. He gave me a hug and slowly whispered near my ears "I am really sorry.. I had no idea you can't control blood.. Next time I won't do that in front of you again ok? "...

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