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amaliaverdezoto > Pharoh's Concubine > 2 Chapter 2...Birthday

Ivy's POV

Today is my birthday... Of course I have received many birthday text and wishes from my friends but nothing will be previous than my brother's. Even if he plucks a simple flower for me that would be the most precious gift of my entire life. I am 18 today which means that I am finally an adult now...

My brother always was distant from any women or any kind of relationship but currently he is engaged to Rose who is the only daughter of the biggest businessman in Africa. Rose is extremely beautiful and she is also from London but was bought up in Africa. My brother is a true Buissnesman as he made a profit through his marriage as well. Then suddenly I heard the door open from behind it was my brother I recognized him without even looking at him... I jumped right into his arms!

"Ivy! Happy birthday sorry I am late...." He said with his gentle voice and I simply gave him a smile "It's okay I am happy you made it... I missed you now let me hug you! ".. He smirked and gave me a tight but comfortable hug full of warmth he patted my head and kissed my forehead and I simply blused...

"Now sit down I have a gift for you" he said and asked me to close my eyes and I did.. I was super excited. He went to Egypt and I knew he would give me something ancient.. Recently I have been working on a important project that is very important for my career to get me into a good University so that I can continue to pursue my dream.. Of course Luciel asked me that he can get me into the biggest university easily but I wanted to hard work so I refused.For my project I am doing a research on Ramses the 2nd who was a mighty Pharaoh he ruled Egypt over 100 years and Egypt was during its golden Age under his rule. My brother placed a velvet box on my hand I opened my eyes and the box looked really mysterious. My brother sat on the couch and lit a cigar and I opened the box and my eyes widened as I saw the beautiful snake bracelet it was golden I colour and had a magnificent red ruby in place of eyes of the snake... It was really beautiful and as wore it.. It looked magnificent. "Thank you so much!!!brother I love you... This gift is extremely gorgeous.. ".I rushed towards him and hugged him.

He smiled and replied " Glad you liked it.. It is the legendary snake bracelet from the time of Ramses the 2nd..only Royal and the most important family members had these and later on Ramses stopped the making if these extremely precious bracelet and these became one of the rarest part of the history... "

"Then it must have cost a fortune! " I questioned him and he smiled again and touched my face "Not more precious than you Ivy".

I smiled and I thought to question my brother and see his knowledge which was of course a lot but I randomly asked " Do you know anything about Nefetari? "

I hoped that he had no answer for this question which is impossible of course he replied to me with a smirk "Of course... Ramses lived over 100 years and married many queens for more territory and even had thousand of concubine but Nefetari was the most important one.. She was the most intelligent and beautiful queen and different from all the other women's that is why she sits with Ramses the 2nd in all the sculptures and scripts.... She was precious".I was really astonished not because of the answer but the way my brother presented it...

And then my brother became serious and looked towards me "Ivy..

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