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amaliaverdezoto > Pharoh's Concubine > 3 Chapter 3..Time Travel
"Ivy you are grown up now in few months I will be getting married but remember that I will always be by your side better or for worse... ".I could feel tears dripping out of my eyes and flowing on my cheeks I immediately looked towards my brother and said in a sad tone " You are also going to leave me now? ".Luciel consoled me but suddenly the red Ruby started shining I was shocked how was or shining I bought my face close but it was still shinning suddenly it began to give out huge beam and the last thing I can remember is Luciel screaming " Ivy!!! I want you to take out that bracelet now..... ".I felt very hot all of a sudden.. I could feel sunrays touching my back and I was laying on some soft fine substance when I opened my eyes it was sand I was laying on.... "Huh? Where did sand came from.. Where am I? Luciel!!! ".I slowly rises up and saw something that opened my eyes.. The beautiful Egypt they were not more in ruins... Water was flowing through and people were laughing and playing around wearing ancient clothes and the Pharoh's palace looked gorgeous from far... I was completely shocked my head was spinning like crazy I was thinking where am I and finding Luciel here and there but suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulders it was a red haired handsome man with a very good physique he looked at me and then gasped with surprise "Are you wearing a wig?? "... I said no and then he was more astonished and started focusing on my ocean blue eyes... I was feeling uncomfortable and then he questioned me " Who are you and where are you from????Clearly you are not from Egypt "..

With the sudden change of his tone I was shocked but I replied " I am Ivy and I am from England ".. He took my hand and helped me to stand up and sighed " Eng...what? Where is this place never heard of it...whatever so you are a foreigner and lost... My name is Lee and I am the supreme commander of the forces".I asked him "What is this place? ".He looked at me with surprise and sighed " You don't know where you are... You are at the time The great Ramses. "

I gasped with surprise did I reallly time travel to about 3000 years back in time I was starting feel dizzy luckily Lee got hold of me and took me with him he gave me a scarf to cover my face and we both sat on the same horse I was astonished by the scenery... History was in front of me.. The beautiful people, artifacts everything I looked at everything with such an excitement that I forgot about my time travelling problem and Lee stared me like I am a freak.

We finally dropped in front of a beautiful white palace and entered it it was made out of marble and the feeling entering the temple was pure and happy and blissful. After sometime Lee came out with a gorgeous looking man he by his look seemed that he is at some top position in the court.. He had white haired that I wanted to touch badly and wore majestic white and purple dress with grey eyes. He came near me at first he looked in my ocean blue eyes and blonde hair and later behaving like a proper gentleman asked me "Ivy... My name is Litah and I have the head priest nice to meet you.. ".I simply replied to him " I want you go home... "." You can but for know we have to think about eating something and getting your appreance improve... ".He clapped his hands and two of his maids came and took me away while Lee and Litah where engaged in a deep conversation.

The maids started to gossip in front of me " What is so special about her that Lord Litah and Lee wants us to do her special??!!! ".... Let's see it the other amid said and they started to pull my scarf and as it got pulled they started at me with there widened eye and then they knelt down in front of saying " Omg.... Please forgive you are a real beauty no wonder Lord Litah and Lord Lee asked us to make her ready.. She had ocean blue eyes representing the national blue lotus of our Egypt and Golden hair and white pale skin... Don't worry Miss tonight's appreance is in our

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