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Ten years ago on a certain night, the rural town of Kokkuri was completely destroyed. The sight of ruin can be seen in every corner of the small town, leaving almost nothing but rubbles of what were once houses, shops, and several countable tall buildings. Some of the more stern buildings had their wall cracked and their windows shattered. What once was a town prospering in agriculture section had been engulfed in looming wall of flame.

Among the ruins, a young girl by the name of Haruka Kudo stood still on a certain road in the formerly shopping district. Her eyes gazed at the horror unfolding before her. She could do nothing but stare helplessly at the ruin of her beloved town. Occasionally, her bare feet stepped on the pebbles of the ruined buildings, yet she kept walking as if there was no more hope in her. Sometimes the girl wished that she would be awake to figure out it was all merely a nightmare, but the wound all over her body constantly reminded her that everything around her is as real as the pain she felt both in her body and her mind.

A ghastly wail came from the sky, and the girl turned her attention toward it.

Her scarlet eyes meet the crimson eyes of what could only be defined as an abominable monstrosity. The sky formed a gigantic dark vortex as if it tore through the atmosphere itself, and from said vortex emerged a monstrous being. The beast is shrouded by the dark cloud around it, but the lightning which flashed around it allows the girl to discern its form from the dark sky. It took the form of a humongous humanoid being. Its eyes are maliciously shining in blood red and a pair of devilish horn stretched from its head. She also noticed another humanoid figure on the beast's head, yet she could not figure out anything out of it other than the fact that said figure is standing on the beast's head between its horns, with both her hands chained to the horns.

The girl did not let go of the eye contact as a familiar fear engulfed her body. She could feel her body shivered and her legs weakened.

Haruka knew that she was going to die.

A strong gust of wind forebodes the Armageddon the horned beast about to bring. The wind twist around the young girl as the beast opened its mouth. From the mouth, a gigantic orb of energy formed, causing lightning to shot out from it.

One gaze of it and Haruka could see her end incoming.

And yet that end did not come. A gigantic lance made out of gold pierced through the beast's head before it even managed to release its power. The lance exploded in a bright gold light, sending a shockwave throughout the sky. The shockwave even reached the girl eleven kilometers away from the epicenter of the explosion.

That one strike sent the beast to its demise.

Haruka, wounded and tattered, silently watched the dark cloud slowly dissipate and reveal the full moon once more. Yet she did not get to enjoy the view as fatigue finally took a toll on her.

The last thing she s

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