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"My name is Fuyu, and I bid you welcome to the True World."

The words that came from the black haired woman confused Haruka as it made no sense to her. She wasn't sure what the woman wanted from her, the woman didn't look like she needed anything from Haruka and yet the woman seemed abnormally blissful seeing her.

"True World? What is that?" a sked Haruka directly.

Fuyu toned her grin down to a smirk at the question, however that sense of excitement still lingered on her face, clearly showing that she hadn't completely calmed herself down.

Haruka could sense it, and she was rather uncomfortable about it.

"This is the True World, the embodiment of all human feelings throughout the world." Fuyu began to explain, "In this place, the true nature of humanity is revealed and takes shape in the form of demons."

"Are you trying to make fun of me?" Haruka questioned in a slightly threatening tone.

Fuyu merely chuckled at the remark.

"If you decide to think so, go ahead." said Fuyu before she looked at her surroundings, "But perhaps you'd like to take a look around and think twice. After all, does your world even look like this?"

Haruka was initially a bit hesitant to do so, but she decided to turn her head and observe her surrounding regardless. Indeed, this place had a strange atmosphere about it. The air felt rather heavy, the grasses, trees and practically everything else that was not the two of them looked part of the backdrop of a theatrical show rather than something realistic.

The weirdest thing of all was perhaps the train which was still on a track.

The view was strangely familiar, and Haruka did not know why. Perhaps it was merely déjà vu.

"So? Still doubting that this is a different world from yours?" asked Fuyu, teasing Haruka's emotions.

Haruka did not immediately look back at Fuyu as the latter asked her question, but instead her face remained clouded with doubt that still wandered in her mind.

Fuyu realized this, and she enjoyed it.

"Of course, it is fine if you do not believe it. After all, it's not like this will be the last time we meet each other."

The last thing Haruka heard before she returned to the normal world was a chuckle from the black-haired woman. The eerie voice lasted in her head for quite a while before she returned to her senses.

The train, which was oddly still before suddenly moved again as if nothing had happened.

It was certainly a strange experience for Haruka.

For a moment, Haruka merely stayed still at her position as if she was trying to understand what had just happened. The world she saw earlier was definitely not the real world, and yet it didn't feel like an illusion either.

'Was I daydreaming?' Haruka briefly thought before noticing that the luxurious car by her side had already passed the railway.

Haruka sighed in defeat. She did not want to give it too much thought for now. Right now, she needed to attend her first day of school without being late.

Meanwhile, from within the luxurious car, a young girl of Haruka's age with long black hair observed the red-haired tomboy from afar. She wore the same uniform as Haruka.

Sitting by the girl was a black-haired maid that looked older than her. The maid resembled the young girl, except her hair was shorter and she wore a pair of glasses.

"You seemed perplexed, ojou-sama." asked the maid, slightly curious. She knew that it was rare for the young lady to be fixated on a certain someone. In fact, she knew how many guys tried to hit on her, all with disappointing results.

And yet the black-haired girl seemed interested in this tomboyish girl.

"Can't you tell, Ichika-neesan? Something about that girl is different." The black-haired young lady responded, "It's like she emitted a powerful, otherworldly aura."

Then, as if remembering something, the young lady quickly looked back at the maid.

"And what's with that 'ojou-sama'!? You're my older

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