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One day, during one of their reading sessions, she glanced up from the pages to look at him. He was actually a very handsome young man with a slender build. His brown hair casually swept over his forehead and very strong brows framed his eyes. He had a high nose bridge that further accentuated his overall handsomeness.

"Why did you stop? The next word is very easy. Don't tell me you haven't learned anything from reading every day?" he teased her. The girl's cheeks turned into a light shade of pink and resumed her reading. She couldn't believe she was openly staring at him. Just because he was blind didn't give her the right to be rude.

One week had already passed by in the blink of an eye. She had finished the last poem for the day and had closed the book. She looked at the book for a moment before deciding to ask a question which she had on her mind ever since starting to read this book, "I don't really understand these poems. They're so vague. One poem would be talking about flowers budding and the next would be talking about a street market. How is this your favorite book?"

He took some time to think about her question before deciding on an answer. "These poems are easy for me to relate with. You're still too young to understand."

The girl's cheek puffed out in defiance. If she was only a few years older he wouldn't treat her like such a child.

When she returned back to her parent's book store, her parents had just placed out a familiar book on the shelves. She recognized it as the book of poems that she was reading to the young man. She quickly ran up to her mother, pointed towards the book and asked, "Mother, what is this book about?"

Her mother took the book off the shelf and took a look at the cover before replying.

"This is one of my favorites. It's a book of poems about a man's life. The poems go in order from childhood to adulthood as he recounts his memories. The poems may seem random at first, but as you reach towards the end, you begin to realize that each poem was a memory he shared with someone special, probably the one he loved. It's too bad it seems he didn't end up with his loved one."

She placed the book back on the shelf and continued her work. The girl walked away with a million thoughts in her head. Memories shared with someone he loved. It was probably about his childhood friend which had married the baron. She couldn't help but feel her heart squeeze in anguish for him.

The next couple of days as she read the poems to him, she kept in mind what her mother had told her. With finally being able to understand the poems a little bit, she began to piece together the memories in which the poems held.

The snow melted slowly // Giving way for the missed greenery // Flowers will begin to emerge // Farmers will begin to plant // Forgetting about the cold // It's a new beginning

This was probably when they first met.

Stones laid across the lake side // Peacefulness was the feeling // Tranquility was the sensation // A stone was thrown on the lake // Causing ripples upon surface // But despite the ripples // Peacefulness and tranquility remained

This was probably when he first realized he loved her.

Water pours over the flour // Mixed until ready to bake // The heat warms the mixture to perfection // A bite is taken from the final product // Realization comes to pass // As if water was what the flour needed all along

This was probably when she realized she loved him too.

The market sounds echo through the air // Kids are seen running around // Adults are seen shopping and bargaining // Happy faces line the streets // Time passes by // The streets slowly empty // Leaving no remaining people // In the end // A street is just a street // You are just you // I am just me // It is not a guarantee that we would meet on this street

And this was probably when she left him.

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