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When Scroll finished the story, it was already midnight. Everyone had been listening to her story with rapt attention. No one spoke for a few moments as if to let their heads wrap around the ending of the story.

"That was really sad!" One witch exclaimed.

"Sniff, I really wanted to cry."

"Silly! You are crying."

"Sister Scroll, can you use your Book of Illusion to materialize the story that you told us? I want to read it again!"

"Me too! Even though it's so sad."

Scroll smiled, "I'm sorry. I can't materialize it because it wasn't a story I read."

At this comment, the sister witches began to understand. This wasn't a story she was telling them that she had heard or read, it was her own experience.

"It's getting late, so I'll be heading to bed first. Good night." Scroll said to them.

She headed towards her room and laid in her bed. She didn't immediately go to sleep but stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

She had indeed burned that book many years ago in hopes of also letting go of what was precious to her. Although she had only read what he wrote once, she still remembered everything that he had wrote:

At first I couldn't let go of all that was precious to me.

I couldn't let her go because I loved her. But because she was precious to me, I let her go.

I couldn't let go of my books because they were all I had left. But because I already knew them all by heart, I let them go.

I let everything go. But in the end I couldn't let go of this one book because it was all the memories I wrote about her. I didn't want to forget.

But I also decided to let it go because even if I don't remember all the memories, my heart will still remember her.

Thank you for reading my memories to me. I've finally let go of all things precious to me. I couldn't have done it without you.

At that time, she had hated him. He said he was letting go of all that was precious to him. But he let go of her too, even though she wasn't precious to him like his books, his memories, or her.

Many years have already passed since that time when she spent her days reading to him. After she had burned the book, she didn't want to pick up another book again. It was ironic that the witch powers she had manifested were those that related to him, as if telling her that she shouldn't and couldn't forget him.

But as she was finally drifting off to sleep, she smiled thinking that she was glad for these powers, because have it not for them, she would have probably not remembered every detail of her happiest moment in life.

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