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The room was still quiet. I mean, she's always reading in her seat and I'm doing nothing. Small talk would've been nice, but I wouldn't want to disturb her while she's reading.

It was already afternoon, around 5 PM. The sunrays shone through the windows and coloured the room bright orange. I sat across her in the table. But farther, actually. We sat on either end of the long table.

She started coming the day after she officially joined this club. She always brought books with her to read. I was thinking, maybe we should do something club-related for once.

Yamamoto-san was wearing a pair of glasses, it was sight to be seen. Her wearing a pair and all, she looks stunning with it. I think this is the first time I've seen her read with a pair of glasses ever since she started coming here.

Her, having long dark hair and her bangs almost covering her eyes was an absolute banger, but it was even better with the spectacles!

"Ehem. uh Yamamoto-san?"


I called her but sadly she didn't seem to hear me. She's too immersed in her book.

Wait. I'm calling her but what do I say afterwards?

Do I say: "Hey, Yamamoto-san, you're always reading. How 'bout we do some club related stuff?" or "Yamamoto-san, that book you're reading seems interesting. Do you mind telling me more about it?" something like that.

But it kinda went like this.

"You really like reading, don't you, Yamamoto-san?"

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"Ah, well, you know. You're always reading, so I thought it must be really a hobby of yours."


She tilted her head and looked at me. Confused from what I just said and in dire need of clarification.

"Anyway! Hehe, why don't we try doing something about this club Yamamoto-san?"

"Eh? Ah, yeah sure! why don't we do that?"

Her hands quickly closed the book it was holding. I guess the truth that she's not doing anything in this club yet came to shock her. She was startled and now her hands started to shake.

"W-what are we gonna do now, Touma-san?"

"Let's see. Why don't you try drawing something, and I'll evaluate it?"

"Heeh? A-are you sure? I-I really have no talent when it comes to these kind of things!"

"It's fine, you can try to learn your way up. Besides, everyone has to start somewhere, right?"

"I guess so."

I said all that but I can say for myself that I didn't really yet improve my works! Much less my abilities!

I stood and grabbed a paper, pencil and an eraser from the cabinet where I put all the materials for the club.

"Here, Yamamoto-san. Draw here."

I lent her that materials she needed, and sat down at my chair again.

"What should I draw, Touma-san?"

She's so nervous that her voice was shaking. Perhaps she's thinking that I might laugh at her work.

"It's up to you, so I'll leave the subject to you. Tell me though when you're done."


She nodded and started to draw. She grabbed the newly sh

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