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I had a dream.

I was in a world deprived of colour. I stood on a field, an endless expanse of flowers blooming in my feet, they had colour, yet the sky was devoid of it. A sky as dark as the void of the night. Not a single star in sight nor anything at all for that matter. I looked around me, ran forward until I was gasping for breath. I was breathing heavily, but I couldn't feel tired.

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Cherry blossoms started falling, it didn't fall from trees, there was nothing there but flowers. It fell as if it had appeared out of nowhere.

I looked up to see what was going on, but nothing answered me. A sudden gust of wind, I covered my face then after, saw a girl standing in front of me. I couldn't see her face; I can only see that she's wearing a white dress that ended up to her knees.

"Who are you?!"

I asked, but no sound came out. Then suddenly, colour had started to fill this monochrome world. The winds blew stronger, the blossoms that were falling started to circulate around me. The winds were so intense I could barely hold out; it was snuffing out my breath. Until I've finally lost it.

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