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The bell for the noon break had already rang. I guess I'll go grab some bread and juice.

I was about to stand up when people started flocking into Yamamoto-san's seat. It was getting pretty crowded and noisy too.

"Hey, let's have lunch together Yamamoto-san!"

"Uhm, thanks but I'd like to eat on my own."

Sasaki-san urged her but she declined her as politely as she can.

"Aww, you're no fun. Alright then, maybe some other time!"

She rode off with her friends, carrying lunch boxes along with them. No idea where they're going to eat them.

"Hey Yui-san, how about we eat lunch here with you?"

Yamamoto-san was clutching the hem of her skirt, clearly she wants to be rid of them already. They were probably annoying her too much.

I wanna tell them to scram already. But I just didn't have the courage to say it. Thinking about it makes me pretty nervous that I started sweating even!

"H-hey, can't yo-…"

"Back off her already will you guys! Can't you see she's being uncomfortable right now?"

Kagami-san interrupted the people flocking around Yamamoto-san.

"Look, if she wants to be alone for now, let her be. I'm sure she's not yet comfortable, since she just transferred."

By the way, Kagami-san is the class representative. She's a responsible, good looking, and smart lady. She's also a very kind-hearted person.

Finally, the people around them started to disperse and went on to do their own businesses. Actually I was waiting for them to do that since they were pretty much blocking the way.

"Yamamoto-san, I'm sorry that they were causing you too much trouble. I should've stepped in sooner."

She apologised even though she didn't really do anything to trouble her. But I guess that's just the kind of person she is.

"No, I-its fine actually."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, I actually wanna go with them. But everyone was asking me to go with them. I didn't know who to choose."

"You know what? How about we grab lunch together?"

Now this time, she's the one asking her to have lunch together.

"Ehh? if it's alright with you…"

"Of course it's fine! Now come on before the lunch break ends."

Kagami-san reached out her hand to her urging her to hurry. I haven't had my fill yet, so I guess it's to get going as well.

I was about to stand up when Kagami-san interrupted me.

"Hey, Takahashi-san. Had lunch yet? I think you were sitting still there since a while back."

"Ah, well, they were blocking the way so I really didn't have the chance to leave."

"Wanna join us then?"

Eh? What was that she said? Join them? I looked at Yamamoto-san to see if she was okay with this. But she just looked away.

"Look, it's fine really. Thanks!"

"Oh come on, don't be like that."

She looked at me with wide eyes. Somehow, begging me to come with them. Look, with those kind of eyes asking me to join them is just cheating. There's really a high level of cuteness when it comes to this.

"Fine, I'll go with you guys. But only this time!"


She threw her hands up showing her success in persuading me.

"Let's go Yui-san, Touma-san. To the cafeteria!"

I and Yamamoto-san looked at her with surprise, suddenly calling us out with our first names.

Kagami-san looked at us with a huge smile on her face.

"By the way, can I call you by your names? Since we're now friends and all."

I didn't really mind her calling me by my first name.

"Sure." "Sure."

Eh?! Yamamoto-san and I answered in unison. I-I didn't really expect her to agree to this. I looked at her, she was blushing so much I had to look away.

"Hmm, Yui-san, why are you getting so worked up?"

Kagami-san had to really ask it!

"Ehh. Could it be-…"

"NO! NO! NO! You're probably just overthinking about it!"

I stopped her from finishing her sentence, but I don't know if that actually helped or just made our situation worse.

"You know what? Let's just get to the

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