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"Fine, I'll go with you guys. But only this time!"


She threw her hands up showing her success in persuading me.

"Let's go Yui-san, Touma-san. To the cafeteria!"

I and Yamamoto-san looked at her with surprise, suddenly calling us out with our first names.

Kagami-san looked at us with a huge smile on her face.

"By the way, can I call you by your names? Since we're now friends and all."

I didn't really mind her calling me by my first name.

"Sure." "Sure."

Eh?! Yamamoto-san and I answered in unison. I-I didn't really expect her to agree to this. I looked at her, she was blushing so much I had to look away.

"Hmm, Yui-san, why are you getting so worked up?"

Kagami-san had to really ask it!

"Ehh. Could it be-…"

"NO! NO! NO! You're probably just overthinking about it!"

I stopped her from finishing her sentence, but I don't know if that actually helped or just made our situation worse.

"You know what? Let's just get to the cafeteria, okay?"

I said that and quickly left the room to avoid any more trouble.

On the hallway, I looked behind me to see if they followed. They were there and I even received a smile from Kagami-san. Yamamoto-san walked beside Kagami-san while looking down at the floor.

This is such a pain, why did I let myself get pulled into this anyway? Otherwise, I think this is actually good. I think this is a step closer to knowing Yamamoto-san.

"What are you guys having?"

I asked as I browsed through the cafeteria's menu. I think I'll be having the good old curry. Haven't had a fill of it for a while now.

"How about you Touma-san, what are you having?"

"Curry, quite a while since last I ate one of these."

"Alright, I'll have one of these too. How about you Yui-san?"

"I'm thinking of having the same as you guys."

"So it's the same for all of us huh?"

We got our food, now we just have to look for a table. Well, there are plenty of vacant tables since lunch break is almost over.

I think I'll sit on a separate table from them. I laid down my tray on a table beside a wall.


"Hey, you're not really gonna eat without us?"

I was about to eat when I was interrupted by Kagami-san. She and Yamamoto-san laid down their trays on my table.

"Wha-. Why don't you sit on the other tables?"

"What, don't you want us to eat with you?"

"It's really embarrassing eating together with two girls you know? What if they see us like this?"

"Come on, Touma-san. Don't sweat the small stuff. Actually Yui-san want-"


Yamamoto-san put her hands together after she said that loudly, which kinda surprised us both. Her head was held lower, though I didn't know why.

A moment of silence followed. Finally, I can eat in peace.

I took some glances at Yamamoto-san while eating. She was pretty reserved, I mean she's not a slow eater, rather she eats like those high-class ladies you see in dramas.

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