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amaliaverdezoto > The Reincarnation of the Greatest Talent > 1 Betrayed
Spencer Brady.

That was a name everybody in the world knew. Why? Simple, he was considered the greatest mind that has ever been alive. Yes even more than Newton and Da Vinci. Why is he considered more talented than them? To start with his IQ is 300 which surpasses the previous highest IQ holder by 37 which is Ainan Celeste Cawley with an IQscore of 263. Newton IQ is somewhere in between 160 - 190 so there's no discussion there. What about Da Vinci? Well there's no way we can know due to the time he was alive.

Secondly, the way he became known. Spencer solved a math problem that was proposed in 1900. He did it when he was 10 years old. From there Spencer name became a topic that would pop up every couple of years making accomplishments that people would dream of making in their life. He became the youngest person to graduate from Harvard at 14, becoming millionaire at 17 and billionaire at 20. Everybody would think that he was living the perfect life. However, the few people that knew him personally would know he did not. Yes fame and money would make everybody happy except if you know at what price it comes. Spencer didn't have many friends because he skipped schooland couldn't go out because he would stand out too much. By saying I'm not saying the way he dresses but because he's what we would call pretty boy. His height is 195 cms and had a thin body which you would think he's skinny however he was ripped. His muscles were lean so at first impression here was just a pretty boy. He had dark brown hair which he combed to his right side. His eyes were dark brown too, sharp eyebrows as a sword, a define jaw line and a dimple on his right cheek which would show up when he smiles. He turned 22 this year and he already married a beautiful girl. He marry her after being in a relationship with her for 3 years. Why did he marry her so early? Because most of the time he would feel lonely. After not going out and living his adolescence, he was afraid of someone stealing her from him and even though he had an IQ of 300 he didn't see through her. You know young people don't think logically when they're in love so he didn't notice how they "accidentally" met.

Spencer would usually spend all day at his company. Seeing that their anniversary was nearing, he decided to go home early to give his wife a surprise. When he got to his house he saw his best friend car parked outside. He didn't think too much since he thought that she may be asking him for recommendations to what to give him for their anniversary. He opened the door quietly to hear sounds coming from his bedroom.

"After all this time he's the only one who had touched you. What a waste" heard Spencer nearing the door of his bedroom at the voice which he recognized as his best friend saying in between panting. "But at least he's better than you in this aspect, I'm wondering if I should continue with our plan or am I really falling in love with him" Spencer also recognized the othe

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