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When Mysaki walks in everyone goes silent. "She looks like crap! That's because she was out killing legends" whisper some of the others.

By now you are probably wondering what legends are. Legends are regular humans with powers all the people she killed were legends they just weren't yet trained enough to activate their powers on the battlefield, and they were also in shock of watching their comrades slaughtered.

I hate coming in here it sucks people look at me funny like their scared of me. Here comes captain pain in my ass.

"What do you want Julia?"

"I want you to not walk into the dinning hall covered in blood." says Julia smugly.

"Oh, i hadn't noticed the blood, but thanks for pointing it out." says Mysaki while continuing to get her food.

"Out of the way Julia Im trying to go take a shower unless you want me in here covered in blood."

"Oh, Mysaki there are two new recruits coming tomorrow stay away we wouldn't want to scare them away." said Julia as she chased Mysaki out of the dinning hall.

"Sure thing" says Mysaki.

The next day came to soon and the new arrivals were soon to arrive. Everybody is going to greet them at the front gate, except me of course. Criminals aren't allowed that much interaction the only time I see the others is when I get dinner and I can eat with them, but i don't. Anyway I'll see the new recruits at dinner, so might as well take a nap, before my next surprise

"Going out Captain,

"Good luck, not that you'll need it though."whispers the captain.

I'm going a few minutes early to beat up some officials and find my scythe. Not that I need it or anything i actually liked fighting with a sword. Turns out those officials didn't have my scythe sense they threw it away. So tonight I will fight with a spear.

The enemy sucks I think they are running out of people for me to slaughter. Tonight I only faced an army of 50! What? It took me one hour to kill them all instead of the two that it took last night. Well that was a waste of my time. At least I don't need a new uniform this time. Even though i wore something that i would very much like to trash, but clothes are rare here let alone dresses. I hate dresses despise them and now i'm in a pissed off mood.

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