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amaliaverdezoto > 殺人 伝説 Satsujin Densetsu > 1 Introduction
Life why does it have to be so cruel. I was just a girl when it started the war for the legends. The legends that are true, but its it's a silent war… that is sense i'm the only one who sees it.

Don't worry, i'm kidding the war started 100 years ago over whether the legends could be controlled unlike in my story the whole world can see the war it is written on the walls in writing that will never erase.

My name is Mysaki and im wanted for murder. Mysaki stops to read a poster as she walks by "Mysaki kara, wanted for the murder of five government officials!" Great, the security here is great! Sense you're wondering no i did not murder the officials believe it or not. I will admit that I beat them up till we were all covered in blood, but I made sure that they were alive. I don't need a repeat of what happened to mom. My mother was convicted of murdering 200 people when I was ten I knew she was innocent, because i'd seen who actually did it.

Anyways back on topic everybody is shipped off to the war, but only if they find you. The officials I beat up where trying to take me to the war. But i found another way back when my mom became a criminal you went to jail which was 5 years ago, but in these recent years criminals are shipped off to the war.

I don't need somebody to take me there i'll get there on my own so thats where im headed. I'm going to survive the war. Oh, look here come the police took them long enough. I've been sitting by this poster of myself for five hours.

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