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amaliaverdezoto > Boar space > -1 Power levels/introduction
Game:savage intuition

MC:Ishi konofumi

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Power level: baby strength

stats:below average

hobbies/professions: gaming,trolling and rage-quitting

dislikes:going outside and homework


Ishi was enjoying his life when suddenly he swatch on his monitor and he logged onto Savage Intuition while he turned some calming music on. He didn't notice a background app open so as he admired his superior character,named

Dante Le Slayer, a horrific virus started attacking other apps and when it finally made its way to Savage intuition a deep mysterious black hole formed and Ishi got dragged inside trying to resist with his baby strength.During his trip inside the black hole he had lots of time to think of the wrongs he did and oh boy did he ready for the worst, first he started off by does some stretches after that he tried do some push up but halfway through the first one he was already breathing like a deflated balloon.Sadly he was scared of heights so he had a lot of nauseous feelings whenever he looked down the black hole gave no comfort at all also to add to that he saw these visions of a young boy laughing at his situation in a dark gloomy looking cave which was actually one of the readers bedrooms that was covered with illusion magic to fool the un-intelligent fool called Ishi. Without the help of his character Ishi was completely useless and panic-sticken his whole life all he did was play games and troll some noobs who he thought were more stupid then him which backfired when they called a senior pro on his cheeks. Crying tears of fear he heard the most familliar noise ever which went like this "PLAYER ENTER THE REALM OF THE BATTLE FIELD WELCOME TO SAVAGE INTUITION!"Now the real journey began in the realm of war...

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