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Before we start thanks for over 200 views I know it's not much but I still appreciate it even if your not a fan of his series.Now onto the story!


Thud! A great sound awoke the tired and panicked Ishi who was wondering where he was but when he heard the words PUSH PUSH! He knew he was inside his mother.Getting ready to put on the act of fake crying and playfulness he finally came out but what suprised him was that the technology was horrible straight away he knew that he was born into the lowest class of families and instead of fake crying he fell into a frenzy of tears but then his mother,su kuzomi comforted him and gave him the courage to stay strong.As his mother was still there he was wondering where his father was and why there was hardly anyone inside the room...


2 Years later

In his young infant years Ishi had a blissful laid back life, he really enjoyed playing with his mother and found out that his father had caught a cold so Ishi was determined to make his old paps feel better. At the age of one Ishi had learnt to crawl then walk and with the help of his mum had become fluent in the worlds universal language.One day he walked into his parents room to ask some questions. When his mother noticed he had come inside she said "Oh hello Ishi how are you today what would you like?"he replied with a calm tone "Mama when will dada be better? Also mama i hungry." Overload overload system failure.

Hi guys its me plsss im dropping this like a rock as I dont wanna continue with this book as I am very repetitive and i have not added any good grammar alot so I dont think itll be interesting. I know no one liked it anyone hence no comments reviews and such so i dont think anyone will even read this chapter so i might as well end this off here as it interests no one and i mostly use a phone so i cant dish out 100 words without atleast a few problems(a few meaning a lot) unlike on pc where I would write quicker and with different more interesting words using the internet as a theasaurus(dont @ me for the spelling lol) so yes this is the end. Bye whoever reads this thanks for reading I guess. Also im just gonna continue writing to atleast get a badge I guess right I mean this whole chapter had to bear fruit at least so yeah dont carry on readig from this part as its just gonna be random words. You have been warned brother(daequans signiture word i know gibberish)

tongue twisters like a lady sells sea shells sea shells on the sea shore sea shells sea shells on the sea shore 😁 De ja vu ive never had it before.

signiture song.

I like them big I like them chunky (chunky) I like them big with something plumpy (plumpy) i like them round with something something (something) they like my sound they think im funky (funky) hey girl you looking fine. Oh so your this moto moto? yeah girl names so nice you can say it twice :^)

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