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amaliaverdezoto > believe and fly high > 1 dream v/s reality
Chapter one

Morning 6 Am, alarm is beeping but sharry was again in a dream again she is seeing the big hall ,crowded with rich people In elegant party dresses she is looking beautiful but her eyes are lingering here and there like she is searching someone

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Mom, mom woke up put off the alarm today it's Saturday it's my holiday , Sam told sharry in half sleep

After putting alarm she told to herself God same dream why I am looking this I don't know such people also why I dream about them what I am missing in dream why in the dream I am searching someone

Thinking she get up and look at watch

Oh God! It's 6:30 I will be late I have to cook lunch and reach office by 9: 30

So she get up and go in kitchen after breakfast and getting ready.

she looked in mirror , sharry is a average looking 35 year old mother of 13 year old son, 5" 4 height , normal weight , with little mother tummy, curly shoulder length hair that are right now in pony tail braid wearing office specs overall she looks like a teacher she can't dream to look like a beautiful women who can attract any man by her looks .She never had that personality and never got attention from smart man.

After getting ready she go down and start her vehicle but asusual it's not getting start, what's this why always it happen with me why always when I think of reaching on time you betray me . She told her vehicle

After trying for few minutes she left the vehicle and book a cab

At office boss was already in office looking for sharry

He ask other staff about her but they say she didn't came than he call her

Phone was ringing , sharry knows again she is late for presentations her boss will be calling for that he is a short tempered boss doesn't allow any excuses but as sharry is very good in her work he has to tolerate her small small issues.

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