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Sharry reached office, just when everyone was in conference meeting room and her boss was loosing temper.

Mr. Dillon was mumbling to himself that he is not going to tolerate this behaviour from Sharry he will going to take strict action this time. Just when he finish saying that the meeting room door open.And in very loud and raspy voice Sharry told "Good morning everyone "

after seeing Sharry at meeting room door, her boss was about to loose temper when Kassi one of the colleague and good friend of Sharry told in loud voice to all now that Sharry our show stopper has came, let's start presentation and all of the sudden Mr. Dillon got focused on their presentation as this was the biggest project for their company and if they will crack this project from their client there will be huge profit and they will reach in one of the renown company and he know in his heart that Sharry is dedicated to her work. She always gives her best and right now he want best, so he looked at Sharry and told her to take the platform and begin the presentation.

Sharry took a long breath, she didn't realise she was holding it long as being late she is expecting her boss to be in anger and the look she show on her boss, she thought today she crossed her borderline of not being on time.

since childhood, Sharry was bit clumsy and slow in her work out of all siblings. Every time they use to nag her for being late and not finishing her things before time . She had the last minute working tendency in her life. as she was smart to always do her work with her best instinct, even though she never took second check on her work but she used to be a brilliant student in her school. Every teacher used to admire her work even though she is not the eye catcher in the class. She always used to be invisible in the class not talking to much, not participating in any circulation activities in all a person who doesnot help and doesn't seek help.

As in meeting room, once Sharry took the platform and begin the presentation and explained the whole process of the project, everyone in the meeting room just watching her and understanding the work and were in daze as it was the best work no one would have thought about it in such way. Sharry has took every small details in consideration and fulfill each and every requirement of the client. The people who were sitting there nobody has a word in their mouth, none of them can point out a single change of plan even Mr. Dillon was speechless and feeling excited by listening the presentation . As Sharry stop talking and look at all team member. She saw everybody was expressionless and was not saying anything so she started to panic and thought that she didn't able to fulfil the work accordingly and now his boss will definitely fire her for being late comers always. Sharry looked at her boss and was started saying sorry to her boss

" sorry boss sorry For being late for not able to revise the presentation and not able to share det

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