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Jonas is being distant. Kara's instinct screams in alarm as days and months passes by with him becoming lukewarm towards her.

She does not like it.

. . . . .

They've been fighting.

She does not like fighting Jonas, but she cannot just ignore her suspicions. His warmth isn't there anymore. His passion sizzles out as each day pass.

His eyes is becoming dull and he does not like having any skin contact with her anymore.

She does not want to accuse him of having a mistress, of cheating on her. She wants to trust him just as she has always been doing for the time they've been together.

But she isn't so sure of it now.

. . . . .

Her world shatters when she sees him kissing a beautiful woman just outside of a hotel.

No, that isn't just kissing. That is making out, passionately, inside his car.

Maybe... Maybe it's just lust. Her mind locks on the thought that he had touched someone else, maybe even before this day. But there is still something bigger than that that panics her.

It's just lust. He's probably wanting to taste... another body. Maybe it was just a mistake?

It's not love.

Eventhough the thought hurts, that small hope manages to calm her down for a bit.

Even if apprehension is still there, lingering at her mind.

. . . . .

It's there. The softness in Jonas' eyes is there when he is looking at the woman. It is more than obvious even with just the photographs the person she hired to tail her husband had given her before he left with the rest of his payment.

There is gentleness in his eyes and the twinkle that she had thought disappeared is finally back.

Not for her, but for that woman. She chokes a sob.

Her heart shattered to tiny pieces.

. . . . .

He's gone.

Kara ignores the tears falling from her closed eyes. Without opening them, she moves her body to the other side of the bed and burrows her face on the pillow he used.

She should be used to this. This is not the first time he left, not the first time he secretly sneaked out in ungodly hours, but her heart doesn't learn. It keeps on hoping and falling for him all over again, just to be torn to pieces each time she manages to grasp a tiny bit of happiness.

He is the only person she ever loves this much, the person who manages to capture her heart. He is also the person that matters to him the most now that broke it without any hint of intention of fixing it.

He is cruel, but she cannot escape the hold he has over her.

He is her husband, yet she feels like she is the one who has to ask for even a little bit of his love when she had it all before.

She should be numb to this, she should have learned already, yet her heart still years only to be crushed as time goes by.

. . . . .

"Happy Anniversary," Jonas greets her with a smile upon her arrival to their house, his dimples appearing. She is frozen as she stares at him. He is holding a bouquet of roses as he gives her a kiss on her cheek

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