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"He made me an offer I had to refuse!" I stated, flicking the tiny wooden figure off of the board and across the room. It bounced a couple of times before finally stopping.

"Meg. Aren't you forgetting something?" Hades towered above me, the heat radiating from his inferno body.

He intimidated me but I had the practice of not letting it show. "You made a deal with me! You were supposed to do whatever was necessary in order to get Nessus to join my team for the uprising-"

"Even if that meant ripping me open from the inside-out? I should've guessed that that was your plan." I crossed my arms stubbornly, leaning my back against the sharp, stone wall. Hades didn't look at all surprised that I had betrayed him. He knew my nature: my tenacious attitude.

"And I should've guessed you were going to refuse..," Hades inched closer, a tint of red glowing from his icy blue hair. I knew what was coming next. "Meg. My sweet little NutMeg... That was the point... OF A DEAL!!"

His hands slammed into the wall above my shoulders causing small bits of debris to shower over me. It was difficult but I tried not to flinch. The short-tempered, anger-prone God fed upon fear: If he knew I was even the slightest bit scared, he would've felt more than privileged to knock me across the room.

Hades swirled his fiery hands until my body was fully restricted. I wasn't able to move. I was trapped. My hands were above my head, my feet spread half a centimetre apart. I was terrified. As my breathing quickened, my legs began to quiver; My eyes watering with the pains and anxiety of the situation I was currently stuck in. Usually, Pain and Panic (Hades' little minions) wouldn't stray too far away from their master. Where were they now?

"What are you doing?" I peered haphazardly into his devilish yellow eyes.


I closed my eyes to feel my breasts burn unhappily. A hard lump in my throat prevented me from crying out.

"Oh, Meg... I wish it didn't have to come to this but hey; here we are..."

I knew that every now and then Hades would take things a little too far but this was the worst thing he'd done yet. Not to mention the fact that he had just tried to sell my body to a colossal, horny centaur.

Disturbingly, a malicious cackle rang in my ears, making me shudder as his lips came in contact with my neck. My core began to tingle slightly and I groaned in disapproval of my body's betrayal of my feelings. My hands struggled desperately in their bonds and after a few minutes of wriggling around; I was free. The heat from his mouth grilled my skin to the point where a red blotch would set up camp on my flesh for days.

Why can't "Wonder-boy" come and save me now? As grateful as I was, he got me into this mess. He saved me from Nessus. If he had left me, I could have sorted it without it resulting in this.

"Hades." I gasped uncomfortably. With my hands now free of captivity, I could finally push him away from me. If only it were that easy

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